This spa offers chocolate facials, and lets you relax in a literal bath of cocoa

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Calling all chocaholics! Ever thought you love chocolate so much that you just wanna bathe in the stuff? Well, what if we told you that you actually could?

A spa in America is offering a chocolate package filled with tasty treatments and – even better – a whipped cocoa bath that you can actually take a dip in.

Located within the spa of Hotel Hershey (which was founded by Milton S Hershey to overlook his Pennsylvania chocolate factory), the whipped cocoa bath is like diving into a mug of hot chocolate. 

chocolate spa

The Hershey cocoa bath is a pretty sweet experience (Credit: Hershey Chocolate Spa)

Laden with candles and flowers, the treatment lasts 15 minutes, and is the ultimate indulgence.

So, what are the benefits?

The milk, used to froth up the cocoa, is an exfoliant that is meant to soften the skin, apparently. Meanwhile, Hershey cite that chocolate is an antioxidant and also has antidepressant qualities.

Whether you actually believe any of that is up to you, but we’ll be the first to admit that they had us at whipped cocoa, even if only for the novelty value.

It doesn’t stop at chocolate baths either. The Chocolate Spa also offers a 30 minute chocolate sugar scrub, a chocolate hydration body wrap or a chocolate dipped strawberry immersion (intriguing, right?).

This involves starting off with a strawberry parfait scrub and then what the spa calls a chocolate fondue wrap (in this case, they use mud that is scented like chocolate for ultimate soothing benefits).

There are also treatments including a cocoa massage and a chocolate facial, both of which apply traditional spa techniques with the addition of Hershey’s sweet creations.

Honestly, the whole thing sounds like something Willy Wonka would dream up.

Obviously this is based in the States, so only those who live nearby will be able to check it out for themselves – that is, unless we all jump on a plane and head for a chocolate spa trip?

We’re sold. You can read about their full list of treatments here.