People are sharing their controversial UK food opinions – from Greggs hate to roast slander

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

When it comes to what we eat and drink, many people from the UK are fiercely set in their ways.

A cuppa tea and a bourbon is basically a religious practice, and we’ll fight to the death with anybody who criticises Greggs, or comes after our Sunday Toby Carvery.

You can just about imagine how deeply disturbed we were, then, when we came across a Reddit thread denouncing many of these things and more.

The discussion, found on AskUk (a forum for Brits and non-Brits alike to discuss all things Blighty) asked users ‘What is your controversial UK related food opinion nobody agrees with?’, and let’s just say some of the answers felt like a punch in the gut. 


No Greggs blasphemy allowed here (Credit: Greggs)

“Greggs is not good,” said one person in the comments. “It is convenient and mostly shit.”

“Try a local bakery, any local bakery and you’ll realise how shit Greggs is,” replied another. “My local bakery has queues outside most days but is worth it if you have time”.

We don’t even know what to say to this blasphemy, except: ‘tell us which local bakery sells a sausage, bean and cheese pasty that rivals Greggs in flavour and price…. we’ll wait.’


The Sunday roast was also on the hit-list (Credit: Greggs)

Another Redditor had some opinions on a separate element of British food: the Sunday roast.

“Roast dinners are not good. I think they’d be fine in principle but [has] everyone not got roast dinner fatigue?!,” they wrote.

Meanwhile, a fourth hit us where it really hurts.

“Baked beans are gross in concept and execution,” they wrote. Does this mean they never eat fry ups?!

baked beans

Anyone who describes baked beans as gross has probably never tried them (Credit: Alamy)

There were plenty more controversial opinions thrown in the mix, too, including a commenter who found Nando’s “bland and overpriced”, and another who accused Pret of serving food of a “horrible quality” (we can only assume they’ve never tried the posh cheese and pickle baguette…)

But amongst all the vitriol, we couldn’t help cackle one fellow Redditor, who simply wrote: “If you love brown sauce so much give it a proper name.” Touché.

The world’s perspective of British food will forever be a fascinating subject. But the Greggs hate? Now that was a step too far.