People are making creme egg cocktails and they look incredible

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Easter is fast approaching – and this year, people are really getting into the spirit (if you’ll pardon the pun) by making Creme Egg cocktails.

Yup, Easter has always been an excuse to eat your body weight in Creme Eggs…but how about a drink that looks like them, too?! 

The trend is cropping up all over social media at the moment, but we first spotted it over on the Craft Gin Club TikTok.

Check it out below: 


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In the video, the mixture begins with cubed ice, before adding 50ml of gin – because that is usually how the best cocktails begin.

Creme de cacao blanc is added to the same measure as the gin to give it the chocolatey punch that we all desire.

The cocktail is finished off with 50ml of coconut cream before being given the customary shake, because why stir when you can shake?

It’s then poured into a glass and comes out a luminous white colour, and is topped off with a circular piece of frozen tropical juice, and suddenly a drink that looks like the filling of a Creme Egg has been created!

How amazing does that sound? It feels like the perfect tipple to go with any Easter celebrations this year.

There are lots of variations online, including another that comes garnished with an actual Creme Egg.


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Speaking of Easter, if alcohol isn’t you’re thing but Souther Fried Chicken is, you are very much in luck (kind of).

Deliveroo has launched a Southern Fried Choc’n… which is essentially a chocolate egg coated in a crispy, savoury outer layer.

In what is sure to get Colonel Sanders’ mouth watering, the egg is available from April 6th, for those in Battersea in London, as well as Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, and Glasgow.

Aisha Jefferson, a spokesperson for Deliveroo said: “Love fried chicken? Love chocolate? Then put your hands together because today Deliveroo is laying a new egg which is set to rule the roost this Easter.

“With our first savoury and sweet combination, what better flavours to combine than the nation’s favourite crispy coating and smooth milk chocolate?

“As with previous years, we’re expecting this one to fly off the menu, so be ready on Thursday when Southern Fried Choc’n hits the app.”

So there we have it, enjoy Easter with a Creme Egg cocktail and a Souther Fried chocolate egg… your Easter spread is gonna be seriously special this year.