Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Man divides the internet after swearing by unusual substitute for milk in tea


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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There are few questions quite as divisive as ‘how do you take your tea?’

But forget your mate who puts so much milk in that theirs turns white, or that colleague that takes four sugars…

One guy is pushing the boundaries of tea preferences one step further, swapping out milk for what he claims is a better alternative.

Hold onto your hats, people! You can watch his video here: 


Custard in a cuppa trust me dont knock it till you try it #fyp #foodie

♬ Cream – Lem

The man, who runs TikTok account, @lemtiktok7, begins his hot bev as normal,  popping a teabag in a mug of hot water to brew, and then getting some biscuits at the ready to dunk.

It’s what happens next which proves divisive…

He proceeds to pour ready made custard into his mug – straight from a carton – telling viewers: “Custard in a cuppa, remember who put you on.”

The TikToker said he came up with the custard hack after running out of milk, but now actually preferred it.

As you can imagine, the substitution proved divisive, and many people were downright offended by the idea.

“This is an actual sin, curdled egg tea isn’t the one,” said one person in the comments.

custard tea tiktok milk alternative

Would you sub out milk in your tea? (Credit: Getty)

Whilst another joked: “Egg based desert in boiling hot water what could go wrong.”

“What feels illegal but isn’t?,” a third chimed in.

As a fourth wrote: “This is criminal”.

Others weren’t mad at the idea, though.

custard tea tiktok milk alternative

Some people were into the idea of a custardy brew (Credit: Getty)

“I have a feeling this bangs,” said one supporter. 

As another vouched: “Dont knock it to you try it… it’s actually [fire emoji].”

‘Anything would taste nice with Custard though it’s pure sugar,” said a fellow viewer.

As a fellow advised: ‘Hot chocolate it’s even better.”

It’s fair to say this one’s gonna remain a crowd divider…

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