A pop-up sausage dog cafe is touring the UK and it sounds like a Dachshund lover’s dream

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Love sausage dogs? Well, you’re well and truly in for a treat. A Dachshund Pop Up Cafe is touring the UK, and it could well be coming to a city near you.

The idea is simple. A room is set up with toys for the pups to play with, and even unlimited free dog treats and puppaccinos, too.

It’s a true puppy paradise (Credit: Instagram/ Pup Up Cafe)

There will be ball pits, tunnels and props for your dogs to enjoy. Plus, a best dressed doggy will be announced on the day, and a photographer will also be there to capture the pooches in their element.

It’s well and truly a puppy paradise.

The concept first cropped up back in 2018, and was wildly popular, before taking a brief break for other puppy events.

As many as 75 sausage dogs will be allowed to attend per session – and the best part is, you don’t need to own one to visit. Dachshund fans are encouraged to attend, too.

The event will also have an human cafe, with refreshments on offer, so you can kick back and enjoy a day of dog-watching.

Anyone else get a serotonin boost even thinking about all the puppy lovin’?

From May until July, there are A Dachshund Pop Up Cafe’s temporary setting up shop all over the country, including in Wycombe, Southampton, Milton Keynes, London and Sheffield.

You can check out the full list of venues here. 

The group who organise the event are called Pup Up Cafe, and they also throw similar pop-ups with pugs, frenchies and poodles.

We’ll take a ticket to all of ’em, please.

Tickets to a Pup Up event cost £9 if you’re a dog owner, and £12 if you’re not (which isn’t too bad, considering you’re paying for a room full of dogs to play with).

Who needs borrow my doggy?