Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Delia Smith says veganism is ‘wrong’ in scathing new interview


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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She’s a cookbook author beloved by meat eaters and vegans alike, but Delia Smith may have upset some of her plant-based fanbase with her latest comments on the lifestyle choice.

The TV chef was speaking during an interview with the Financial Times, when she took issue with veganism, making her argument very plain.

“Everything within me tells me that [veganism is] wrong,” she told the Financial Times. “If people just want to eat vegetables – and some people do – that’s fine. But don’t say you’re helping the planet, because you’re not. Full stop.”

Delia has never spoken out against the vegan diet before, and her comments will no doubt raise eyebrows.


Delia Smith’s vegan comments ruffled some feathers (Credit: Getty)

Whilst the cook didn’t go on to substantiate why she believed the diet wouldn’t help the planet, her comments are directly contradicted by many studies, including one from the University Of Oxford, which found that going vegan could help cut someone’s carbon footprint generated by food up to 73 per cent.

It’s widely accepted that cutting out meat at least for some meals or days of the week is a sustainable diet switch, and whilst some question the sustainability of artificial meat (which is by no means a must when you’ve got fruit and veg), it has still been found to use “30 percent to 90 percent less greenhouse gas than conventional meat”.

Elsewhere in the interview, the chef also criticised what she described as fashionable trends, like the rise in popularity of ingredients like kimchi, sriracha and chipotle. 

delia smith vegan

Delia Smith was a TV favourite (Credit: Getty)

Are they ‘fashionable’, or just global ingredients and flavours becoming more mainstream?! 

“I see recipes in magazines and I don’t know what the ingredients are. Food has always been faddish, and I’ve always tried to lie low and let it go,” she said during the chat. 

Delia’s comments have started to do the rounds on social media, and they disappointed some. 

One person wrote: “Wait, Delia Smith is a scientist now?! For anyone who really doesn’t understand: VEGANISM IS NOT A DIET.

“This nonsense is damaging to people, like me, who choose this lifestyle. Oh and cook more than ever since being vegan.”

Whilst another wrote: “If you’re going to use your influence to pontificate on the environmental impact of #veganism, base your comments on data, not the rumblings of your internal anatomy.”

“Delia Smith denounces vegan diets as ‘wrong’ Also criticises use of ingredients she doesn’t understand Our younger daughter is vegan. Her choice. Delia Smith can get stuffed,” penned a third. 

“Sad that Delia Smith has this view. I have many of her cookbooks from the past and have adapted her carrot cake, sticky toffee puddings, and more to make them vegan. We can still cook!,” wrote someone else.

What do you think about Delia’s comments?

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