London cafe serves Christmas dinner for breakfast

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A cafe in London’s Spitalfields is serving a Christmas dinner for breakfast, and the rather novel concept has certainly divided the crowd.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we don’t often pass up a roast – but for breakfast? Only the brave can manage that.

Check it out below: 

The offering comes from a small independent caff called Dino’s Cafe, and comes with roast turkey and all the trimmings you’d expect from a slap-up Christmas dinner, to be eaten as early as you can muster.

The Christmas dinner brekky was shared on social media by former Apprentice candidate, Thomas Skinner, and it’s safe to say that people had some opinions on it.

“Good morning and happy Thursday you lovely, lovely people. It’s the first of December, I’ve been waiting all year for the caf to start doing this,” Thomas told his Twitter followers.

“The Christmas dinners for breakfast are here, and I can’t wait, which means I’ll be probably having one of these every morning through December until Christmas because I absolutely love the Christmas dinner here, it is fantastic.”

thomas skinner

Thomas Skinner tucking into a breakfast Christmas roast (Credit: Twitter/ @iamtomskinner)

“Roast for breakfast, living my dream,” wrote one, who was totally on board.

Whilst another echoed: “Wow Christmas Dinner for breakfast? Living the dream there. Bosh”.

There were some who were more hesitant, though, with a fellow Twitter user writing: “[What] time is he actually eating this at? Not for breakfast surely. U would be fit for bed after that”.

“You do make me laugh, how can you eat a roast dinner that early!!!,” said a fourth.

“Looks absolutely banging to be fair, but brekkie?,” someone else quipped.

The Christmas dinner is available for breakfast throughout December, and if you can’t make it that early (or, you know, wanna eat it at a normal time), they’re actually serving it all day, too.

christmas dinner

Could you hack this at eight in the morning? (Credit: Alamy)

And that’s not all, Thomas has also been seen dining out on the likes of shepherd’s pie and chicken casserole at the same caff, before many of us have even arisen from bed. 

Replying as his Twitter absolutely blew up, Thomas told his followers: “My twitter hasn’t gone this crazy since I took Pamela’s place in the board room on the apprentice lol. Seems like everyone thinks I’m mental having a Christmas dinner for breaky.”

Just a little bit, mate, but we also admire the festive cheer…