Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Pub launches ‘traditional’ dog menu including roasts, burgers, and fish and chips


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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A pub in Manchester has introduced a new menu dedicated to man’s best friend.

The Metropolitan Pub in Didsbury announced a partnership with Sir Woofchester’s –  a hospitality-focused dog food provider – to provide a feast for our furry friends.  

As the tavern is part of the Stonegate Group, they offer 80 pubs across the UK the new dog menu. They also plan to launch a range of products to reflect seasonality in the coming months, including a doggy Christmas and Valentine’s Day menu.

At The Metropolitan Pub, there will be staples of the new menu for our pooch buddies, and this will include yummy roast dinner bones, Bark burgers, a fully-fledged roast dinner, and of course a classic British favourite, fish and chips.

dog in pub

Why should you dog miss out on pub grub? (Credit: Getty)

The canine chums can also enjoy doggy drinks, such as dog-friendly beer ‘bark brew’ and even a paw-star martini on offer.

In addition to this, the food on the new menu is grain free and contains freeze-dried raw ingredients which will ensure that no matter how fussy your pet is, their dietary requirement will be met.

Reporters from The Manc headed down to the pub to test out the menu with a six-year-old Bulldog named Vinny. According to the outlet, Vinny has some allergies of his own so it was important for the publication to see if the menu works for him.

They shared that as soon as they arrived, the bulldog was given a dedicated doggy service as he was presented with his very own water bowl – which was refreshed from a dedicated black barrel wearing a dog collar.

The furry buddy then chose a plate of fish and chips and a bowl of treats – which was brought to the table by lovely employees. 

the metropolitan pub didsbury dog menu food

Dogs can get in on the treats too (Credit: Getty)

The publication revealed that Vinny absolutely devoured the meal and left no crumbs.

The Metropolitan pub’s new dog menu was initiated by General Manager Sam Rawlinson as Didsbury has always been dog friendly.

Sam explained that so far, the doggy treats have been going down really well, and on average they are selling between four and five a week.

So if you happen to be in the area, bring your dogs to The Metropolitan to give them the full pub experience.

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