Food delivery driver sparks debate after confronting people that don’t tip enough

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A food delivery driver has sparked debate online after deciding to take a rather radical move in order to get more tips.

The former DoorDash employee was clearly riled about customers not tipping him enough for delivering their goods, so he decided to call them out (on video, no less) in a series of clips on his TikTok.

You can see a clip from his account below: 


NON Tipper Orders! are Getting COLD🥶 #shorts #declinenow #doordash #foryou #notipnotrip

♬ original sound – DashingTrader – DashingTrader


Under the account @dashingtrader, the delivery driver shared a video in which he could be seen confronting people in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that he claimed had tippled too low. He captioned the video “Multiple CLOWN Encounters.”

“You ever heard of ‘no tip, no trip?’” he can be heard saying to one woman, who opens the door to him.

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“How much is the tip on this order?” you hear him ask.

After her response, he adds: “Yeah, that ain’t enough when it’s zero degrees outside, and it’s icy, and I gotta drive my car and wait for it.”

Another video sees the driver persistently declining orders that don’t feature a big enough tip, with the caption: “Low TIP. DON’T EAT COLD FOOD”.



♬ original sound – DashingTrader – DashingTrader

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In one video, the delivery driver can also be seen giving a customer’s order a random man because he is dissatisfied with the tip.

“I take all the bad orders. You hungry?” he asks. “I got you, man.”

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Reacting to the videos, some thought the delivery driver’s videos were funny, whilst others thought they were out of line.

“Nah u straight greedy bro. Do ur job and IF the service is adequate ONLY THEN will you get a tip,” said one.

Whilst another wrote: “Sometimes people don’t have enough for a tip. Doordash has a major increase on food prices. I’m not going to tip if I can’t see my food in hand.”

“Imagine blaming the person who didn’t tip instead of your employer’s who force you to rely on goodwill of others,” said a third.


People were debating the TikToker’s videos (Credit: Alamy)

Speaking to, the DoorDasher explained that delivery drivers simply wouldn’t be motivated to work if they weren’t getting tips.

“Your food will be cold when it arrives or you might not get your food at all,” he said. “DoorDash is a luxury service so if you can’t afford to tip make a sandwich.”

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“We expect all members of the DoorDash community to treat each other with respect, and this behavior is clearly unacceptable,” the spokesperson told Today.

“The Dasher was deactivated, and we apologise to the customers for this uncomfortable experience and not meeting the high expectations they deserve.”