These yellow strawberries literally taste like pineapple – yes, you read that right

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A food and drink company has created yellow strawberries which taste like another tropical fruit.

Yep, following the success of their rosé strawberries last year, Driscolls in the US has now brought out a range of yellow Tropical Bliss strawberries, which are flavoured like pineapple, tropical punch and passion fruit.

The berries are promised to be “intensely sweet at first” but “balanced by a refreshing finish.” We don’t know about you, but we’re intrigued!

driscoll's tropical bliss

Behold these yellow, tropical flavoured strawberries (Credit: Driscoll’s)

Kat Phetxumphou, the brand’s Sensory Scientist, says of the berries: “The flavour is like a refreshing tropical punch on a nice hot day with many tropical fruit flavours, like pineapple, passion fruit, guavas, mangos and some of your citruses.

“It’s a burst of all of these refreshing, effervescent flavours in a single berry.”

The quirky new fruit variety is yellow, rather than pink as you’d expect from a strawberry, and comes as part of Driscoll’s range of “premium, high-flavour” strawbs – which are sadly only available in the US.

American punters are able to buy the seasonal product over the summer months, and despite what you might think, it is made using traditional breeding methods and without any GMOs.

driscolls tropical bliss

Driscoll’s Tropical Bliss flavour is one of three unique variations from the brand (Credit: Driscoll’s)

Driscoll’s has previously released Rosé Strawberries, which taste like everyone’s favourite floral, fruity wine, and they also offer an uber-juicy range called Sweetest Batch Strawberries.

If you do live in the States and you want to try the strawbs, you can head to the Driscoll’s site and check out which retails near you are flogging them.


Expect pineapple flavours in a strawberry. Yep, you read that right (Credit: Alamy)

Just imagine whacking these out when you have guests round! You might have to explain that they are actually ripe, but we imagine they’d go down an absolute treat!

Meanwhile, here in the UK, we’ll have to stick to normal strawberries, for now. We’ll let you know if Tropical Bliss strawberries ever make it over here, though…