Someone is selling a ‘rare’ folded Pringle on eBay for £2000 – yes, really

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You know what they say about Pringles…they’re impossible to put down.

But if you find a Pringle with a folded edge in your tube, we’d very much suggest refraining from shoving it in your mouth.

Believe it or not, one person is selling a Sour Cream & Onion flavoured Pringle for a massive £2,000.

Seller, heauk22, writes that finding the “extremely rare” Pringle was like finding “a golden ticket”.

rare pringle ebay

A rare Pringle is for sale on eBay… for £2000 (Credit: eBay)

The reason it’s rare is due to its “symmetrically” folded edge, apparently, which lines up exactly with the other end of the crisp.

We’re not sure why this would matter to anyone, but… err, it seems to.

If, for some reason, you did wanna fork out two thousand quid for the crisp, the eBay seller is giving you the option to pay £95 a month for the next 24 months. How generous.

pringles rare ebay

Pringles usually cost just shy of £3 (Credit: Alamy)

By this point, the crisp will have expired (it goes out of date on the eighth of July 2023). Although, we can only assume you’ll be framing it or worshipping the thing at a price of two grand, rather than simply consuming it.

We have so many more questions about this mysterious crisp. For one, there’s the matter of transporting the Pringle.

What if it broke in transit? There’s free three day postage, but we’re not sure how. Surely they’d have to treat this potato snack like one of the crown jewels to ensure it arrived in one piece?!

It might sound ludicrous to sell a folded Pringle for this much, but believe it or not, there seems to be a booming market on the reselling website.

Although, we will say, most of the rest are selling for prices in the double figures, rather than triple.

Here’s an extremely rare, slightly cracked Pringle (Credit: eBay/ @kellyvanniekerk2013)

User @kellyvanniekerk2013’s limited edition Honey Glazed Ham Pringle with a folded edge will set you back £50, whilst you can also get not one, but two folded Sour Cream and Onion Pringles from seller @charlottejessicaewis for the same price.

For context, a 200g tube of Pringles is worth a maximum of £2.50 at most retailers. So, even spending 50 quid on a singular crisp seems absolutely absurd.

pringles rare folded ebay

At this point, two for 50 quid feels like a bargain (Credit: eBay:@charlottejessicaewis)

Still, don’t mind us whilst we head out to buy a tube immediately, in the hopes of finding our own folded Pringle we can flog.

Ridiculous or not, you can bet we’re not going to be eating a misshapen crisp ever again.