Employer sparks heated debate after introducing rule that all staff must eat 'strictly vegan' at work

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An employer has divided social media users after demanding that staff abide by a "strict vegan rule" at work.

Anyone who's ever had a job interview will know that your potential boss will ask you stereotypical questions that typically range from your history in the field of work, your skillset, strengths, weaknesses, and so forth.

One man was left flabbergasted when he was asked a rather unusual question during the shortlisting process of a job interview.

Taking to Reddit, the user, who goes by the handle @Reezeyyy, shared an email they received from the company about requirements they had for job applicants.

Check out the email below:

They captioned the post: "Applied for a job, received this in an email. Can they really force this upon me or not hire be based on this??"

Sharing a screenshot of the email communication from the interviewer, the message read: "Hello, thanks for your applications. To help us shortlist, please reply to the following questions."

Other questions on the list were scribbled out to highlight the one, which stated: "Our workplaces are strictly vegan."

"You do not have to be vegan away from work, but you do need to bring vegan lunch and have plant milk to eat on site or each lunch off-site," they said, adding: "Can you confirm you are fine with this?"

GettyImages-1455365269.jpgThe job hunter was stunned when an employer told them they had to follow a vegan diet while at work. Credit: Westend61 / Getty

Since sharing the email on the platform, the user's post has received 11K comments, with many people sharing their thoughts on the peculiar ordeal.

One user reacted: "Man. I’m vegan and have been vegan my entire adult life and this made me laugh so hard I spit up [my] herbal tea."

Another said that the rule was "weird," and quipped that "some startups really do the best they can not to hire," while a third commented: "No job is worth that kind of nonsense."

Meanwhile, one person said that there was nothing wrong with the job demand as it's "just an on-premise food ban," adding: "Their wording is targeted but it's just a food ban. There also seems to be a misconception of 'vegan'. Avocado on toast is vegan."

"They're not forcing anyone to eat vegan and they've expressly stated you can step out for lunch. There's nothing wrong here, plus I can imagine quite a bit of what you eat already is vegan, so just use those meals," they added.

A second person added that despite it being "infuriating," trying vegan meals would be "an excellent opportunity to try a bunch of yummy things and expand your food horizon".

GettyImages-1457889022.jpgCredit: Fcafotodigital / Getty

The original poster revealed under the post that the job in question was at a "dog rescue center," though he assured commenters that he was "not eating dogs".

One person responded that because he applied for a dog rescue center, employers have a right to ban certain items such as meat. "I’m sure a lot depends on where you live for more specific info," they added.

What do you guys think about the job demand? Is it fair?

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