People are calling this ‘fish and chips’ from an American canteen a ‘crime’

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Here in Britain, the humble chippy tea is practically sacred. It’s one of those things you don’t mess with – it’s sentimental; our national delicacy. 

Whilst people have tried to emulate it abroad, they will never reach the heights of one of our chippies. 

Case in point? This American office canteen which took the name ‘fish and chips’ a little too literally. 

We mean, look at it: 

fish and chips

Our eyes! (Credit: Reddit)

Obviously, in the States, crisps are known as potato chips, but the chef at this canteen obviously failed to check the definition of a British chip (which is, of course, completely different). 

“This is the ‘fish and chips’ I was served at my work cafeteria in the US,” wrote a baffled user u/Beblits on Reddit forum, CasualUK, recently. 

And chaos ensued in the comments, with people branding the meal a “hate crime” and the stuff of “nightmares”.

There really is no better way to rile up a bunch of people from the UK than to show them a terrible chippy. 

fish and chips

The reaction on Reddit was…. fiery (Credit: Reddit/CasualUK)

“If that was my last meal on death row I’d pull the lever myself,” wrote one person in the comments. 

As another said: “Goodness gracious”, like a true Brit. 

“This is the last thing I’m seeing before I go to sleep and I know I’m going to have a nightmare now,” commented a third. 

Whilst a fourth penned: “This feels like a hate crime.”

“The worrying thing about this is that whoever created this genuinely believes that the British delicacy of fish and chips actually comprises of battered fish and crisps,” chimed in another bewildered Reddit user, under the image, which has amassed 5,700 upvotes in only a few hours. 

fish and chips

Your chippy tea should contain actual CHIPS (Credit: Alamy)

A fellow Reddit user was a little more kind, though, reasoning: “I mean, yes this is an abhorrent version of it, but let’s not pretend it is much more than battered fish and some crispy fried potatoes.”

The person who posted their controversial fish and chips didn’t name and shame the office serving the meal in question, but here’s hoping they see this and catch on to the outrage they’ve caused.

We dare not even think about how much was being charged for this meal, either.

All we can say is sorry for any trauma you may have experienced reading this.