Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Five Guys has a ‘secret menu’ with different way of ordering fries


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Do you like your fries extra crispy?

Well, it turns out Five Guys has a secret menu, and there’s a hack you could be using to get your hands on some even crunchier spuds.

Yup, those who love a Five Guys will know that the fast food restaurant is already pretty exemplary at crisping up its fries.

But we’re firm believers that fries can never be too crispy, and that’s why we’re absolutely trying this hack next time around.

What is the Five Guys ‘well-done fries’ hack?

As reported by Delish a few years ago, if you ask Five Guys for your potatoes ‘well done’ you will be given a crunchier offering.

Makes sense, right?

Upon this request, workers will usually cook your fries for longer than normal, so they are still pillowy on the inside but even more deliciously fried on the outside.

The secret menu hack might be new to some of us, but it turns out others have been doing it for years.

five guys secret menu hack

Five Guys has a lot of menu hacks (Credit: Getty)

“The trick to five guys fries is to ask for them well done!,” declared one person on Twitter all the way back in 2021. 

Whilst another concurred: “If you go to Five Guys and ask for well done fries, they are so much better.”

“I just found out that you can order your Five Guys fries extra crispy (well done) and that is a game changer!!,” chimed in someone else last year (looks like we were late to the memo!).

Whilst a third upped the anti a little more, writing: “Five guys fries well done with extra Cajun are unbeatable.” Ooooft. 

More Five Guys secret menu hacks

There are a few other common Five Guys secret menu hacks you should consider.

From ways you can tweak your burgers to other opportunities to jazz up your grilled cheese, make sure you’ve got them all locked in before heading to Five Guys to order your well-done fries.

1) Five Guys Patty Melt

If you want a cross between a burger and a grilled cheese then opt for the Patty Melt.

It’s basically a grilled cheese sandwich with added meat, and you can order it by asking for a grilled cheese with a burger patty and any of your fave toppings added to it (onions, tomatoes, the world if your oyster).

Pretty neat, huh?

2) Double Grilled Cheeseburger

This is perhaps Five Guys’ most popular secret menu item (so, you could say the least secret one).

It’s essentially a cheeseburger cooked inside two grilled cheese sandwiches – aka, a delicious heart-attack in a mouthful.

You can order it by asking for a burger patty and any toppings you might want cooked in between the grilled cheeses.

It’s quite literally a sandwich sandwich. Dreamy.

3) Cheesy fries

The folks at Five Guys might be a bit baffled by this one, but how if they’re serving you a Double Grilled Cheeseburger we’re sure this one will be a breeze.

The order for this one is easy… just ask them to smother some cheese on your fries.

As is the case with all Five Guys secret menu items, some stores might be more willing to play around than others, but all of the above have commonly been ordered in the States before, and are perfectly possible to recreate with the existing menu.

Why not ask for them and see what you end up with?

Featured image: Getty/ Instagram: Five Guys UK

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