Reviews for America’s new Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Mountain Dew flavour are actually wild

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We’re going to be honest, when we found out Mountain Dew was releasing a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos flavoured fizzy drink, we weren’t really enamoured by the idea.

Sure, we love spicy food, and we’re certainly partial to an energy drink every once in a while, but is there really any need to combine the two together?!

Check out the ad for the drink below: 

Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot first came out last year as a limited online release and – would you believe it – sold out in less than an hour. Now, it has dropped nationally, and is available across stores in the US.

But is this drink actually worth drinking? Or are people simply curious about the rather bizarre new flavour?

On paper, the flavours work. Citrus and spice is a tried and tested combo, right? But we just can’t shake the fact that when we’re reaching for an energy drink we just don’t wanna taste… Cheetos.

The nationwide drop means that now, a lot more people around the States are finally getting to try the quirky concoction. So, keen to get to the bottom of the hype, we decided to have a snoop at some of the online reviews – and they’re absolutely wild.

The Reddit reaction to the Mountain Dew was… interesting (Credit: @Markiplier_)

Taking to Reddit after the drink rolled out nationwide, one user simply wrote: “My insides hate me”.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, a fellow taste-tester added: “Have done a lot of work to reframe my own personal relationship and desires around cruelty and punishment so that they more closely match my broader-world politics but unfortunately all of the people responsible for Flamin‘ Hot Mountain Dew absolutely must go to hell”.

So, I tried that new FlaminHot Mountain Dew. It tastes as if you liquefied second-hand smoke and mixed it with expired, carbonated Hi-C,” penned a fellow Twitter user. 

“Everything about it is wrong on every level multiple times. It is an affront to humanity and everyone involved should be tried at the Hague.”

Keeping their analysis rather more simple, a third wrote: “Flamin hot mountain dew is an affront to God”.

“I got two words to describe the Flamin Hot Mountain Dew experience.. ‘Never Again’,” another chipped in.  

Of course, as is always the case with controversial food launches, there were *some* people who liked the spicy Mountain Dew – which apparently tastes of lime, ginger and cinnamon, with a smoky chilli kick. 

“This stuff isn’t bad!,” protested one after chugging their bottle down.

“Guys I regret to inform you that the Flamin Hot Mountain Dew was so good I’m drinking another one,” a second wrote. 

mountain dew

Mountain Dew’s Flamin’ Hot flavour has certainly got people talking (Credit: Mountain Dew/ Pepsi Co)

Discussing the new Mountain Dew flavour as it launched last year, Matt Nielsten, the brand’s Senior Marketing Director, said: “As a brand, Dew has a rich history of experimenting with new flavors our fans love. We certainly had them in mind when we developed the Flamin’ Hot beverage. 

“This is one of our most provocative beverages yet, and we’re excited for Dew Nation to taste the unique blend of spicy and classic sweet citrus flavor of Mtn Dew.”

Unfortunately (or… fortunately) for UK shoppers, the drink is not yet available to buy over here. We’ve reached out to Pepsi to ask if they have any future plans to bring it to our shelves.