People are freezing pancake batter in ice trays and it’s genius

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There’s no disputing it, Pancake Day is one of the best days of the year. It’s an excuse to eat chocolate sauce and whipped cream in excess, and that’s something we can always get behind.

But if you’re thinking of skipping out on cooking because you’re worried about leftovers – perhaps you’re home alone tonight and don’t wanna waste any batter? – then fear not!

Freezer pancakes are your new best friend, and they also mean you have an excuse to eat pancakes whenever you damn well please (not that you needed one, anyway).

This is a hack we’ve actually used ourselves here at Twisted. You can check that out below:

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How to make Freezer Pancakes

As you can see, in the video, our Creative Culinary Lead, Hugh, can be seen knocking up a quick batterand then popping it in an ice cube tray with a few (optional) chocolate chips for good measure.

You can also get creative and add the likes of berries and nuts into the mixture, just be careful not to weigh it down with too much.

Once you’ve made your perfect pancake ice cube, you simply freeze the mix until you want it. Then, let it defrost just enough to pop out of the tray, but so that it still keeps its shape.

It’ll keep for up to three months in the freezer, so this is a great way to ensure no pancake batter goes to waste, or simply to get ahead of the Pancake Day meal prep.

Pop the pancake cube it into your pre-heated and greased pan and let it cook as normal. Before you know it you’ve got a mini pancake ready to eat!


Freezer pancakes ensure there’s no waste (Credit: Twisted)

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The hack isn’t anything new, but it has been doing the rounds on social media again ahead of Pancake Day, and we can certainly see why people are excited about this nifty little trick.

“Woooooooow this is genius,” said one person under Twisted‘s video.

Meanwhile, another wrote: “What a clever idea.”

“Love this hack and you won’t waste batter,” chimed in a third.

freezer pancake hack

Get ahead of your pancake prep (Credit: Unsplash)

Freezer pancakes are especially useful because it’s actually a really bad idea to tip pancake mix down the sink – and not just because of food waste.

An expert has warned that doing so could actually clog your drains and leave hundreds of pounds worth of damage (you can read about that here).

We can’t take credit for this Pancake Day tip – in fact, it’s a hack that does rounds pretty much every year – but Instagram user @dliciously.inspired was the one who got it circulating again back in January, sharing a recipe for freezer pancakes on her social feeds.

Her TikTok of the same recipe has since amassed over 10 million views on the video sharing app, so it’s safe to say that people are very much on board with freezer pancakes.

Who can blame ’em?

Of course, this hack hinges on you prepping ahead of time or actually having some pancake mix left after cooking a batch… If you’re anything like us, you might struggle with the latter.