Twisted Tries: TikTok is obsessed with frozen Gummy Bears – but are they any good?

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We all know TikTok is home to a plethora of recipes (some good, most bad and a few, ugly) but one thing it often does get right is food hacks – aka, simple ways to elevate your every day favourites.

It was only yesterday we told you how people were chopping up jalapeños and putting it in their wine glasses to create a surprisingly tasty and refreshing ‘spicy rosé’, just in time for summer.

However, now we’re back with another game-changer. Well, according to hoards of content creators on TikTok, anyway.

In case you missed it, we’re talking about frozen gummy bears, which are blowing up the internet at the moment.

frozen gummy bears

Fancy putting your gummy bears in the freezer? (Credit: Alamy)

Yep, frozen gummies are the latest trend to set everyones tongues wagging, with people saying that they’re infinitely tastier after a few hours on ice.

Who knew?

The chewy little sweets have been popping up all over TikTok of late, but one page that shared them was @tashanewcombe, who told followers she loves them so much she “[refuses] to eat them at room temperature now”.

What a claim.

Check out her video below: 


I refuse to eat them toom temperature now

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Reacting to the video, one person wrote: “I literally sent my fella to the shop after seeing this few hours ago and I’m eating them now wow”.

Meanwhile, another wrote: “SO I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE”.

“Thank god someone said it any form of jellies in the freezer are the one!!!!!,” wrote a third.

But are they really as great as people say? We decided to do a public service and try freezing some ourselves…

Twisted Tries Frozen Gummy Bears

Putting this the test was one of our easiest Twisted Tries ever, all we had to do was buy a bag of gummy bears (or any jelly sweet) and put them in the freezer. We must admit, we love a hack that takes minimal effort.

The sweets will solidify after about three hours, but we put ours in overnight for good measure. The colder and chewier the better, right? We wanted to experience frozen gummies at the top of their game.

To be honest with you, we didn’t really know what to expect from this hack. Freezing sweets was never really a concept that had dawned on us before – you know what they say… ‘if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it’.

But the reaction was so positive online we were certainly intrigued to find out what they’d taste like.

haribo tiktok frozen hack

We tried frozen sweets to see what the fuss was about (Credit: Twisted)

So, here’s out verdict…

First things first, there is certainly something pleasant about putting an ice cold gummy bear in your mouth. Refreshment on a hot day? Check. For this reason alone, we’d endorse this hack.

The gummies also become a lot chewier when frozen. Imagine a stress ball, but in your mouth – in many ways, the perfect snack to gnaw on during the working day.

As for the taste? This was the slightly disappointing part. When frozen, we found the sweets tended to lack a bit of flavour, and their sweetness was definitely more muted.

Were they unpleasant? Not at all, but don’t expect the same sugary mouthful as normal. Some of that is definitely overshadowed by the iciness.

frozen gummy bears

TikTokers say the hack takes gummy bears up a notch (Credit: Alamy)

Overall, we’d probably freeze our gummy bears again, but more for the satisfying texture than anything else.

With a heatwave about to hit the UK, we can’t think of a better time to try this TikTok trend.

And if you don’t like it? Well, just pull ’em out the freezer and they’ll be back to normal in no time. Who doesn’t love a reversible hack?