People are freezing Kinder Bueno bars and it’s a revelation

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

TikTok has brought us a plethora of food trends – some good, some bad and some ugly.

From feta pasta to jalapeño rosé to dalgona coffee, there are some hacks which have stood the test of time, whilst others (ahem, Oreo sushi) have fallen firmly by the wayside.

But we can pretty confidently say that this latest hack is here to stay. All you need is a Kinder Bueno bar and a freezer, and you’ll be left with a brand new snack.

kinder bueno

Put your Kinder Bueno in the freezer and it’s a game changer (Credit: Alamy)

We reckon you can see where this hack is going, but we’ll break it down for you anyway. Chuck your Kinder Bueno bar in the freezer and it’ll transform into a brand new frozen chocolate treat.

This is a hack that some people have been doing for years, but it landed on TikTok last year, after user @kallielunt shared a video with her followers. 

More recently, it has set tongues wagging all over again, after a reaction video from couple @stenic1 went viral, and now the whole world is catching on. 

Check it out below: 


Couldnt recommend this more, go try it now!🤤 #frozenkinderbueno #kinder #chocolate #frozen #stenic #corn #itscorn #review #fyp

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Technically, you only need to put the bar in the freezer and hour or so, until it’s fully frozen, but TikTokers report the best results after leaving it for two or three.

“Couldn’t recommend this more, go try it now!,” wrote TikTokers Stephen and Nicola on their page.

In their clip, you can see them bite down on their frozen Bueno bars and look at each other with glee as they realise what they’ve created.

“Been doing this for years, literally the only way I eat it,” wrote someone in the comments.

As another gushed: “Everyone tells me I am crazy to do it!!!! I found my people!”

A third took it a step further, adding: “I do this with every chocolate bar or cookie. it’s 10 times better”.

kinder bueno

This is the snack you didn’t know you needed (Credit: Alamy)

And others even suggested they’d done the same with Milky Bars and even Cherry Bakewells. Mind. Blown.

There were some who didn’t really get the concept, questioning why you’d want to get rid of the Bueno bar’s creamy centre (or the gooey bits in any chocolate treat, for that matter).

But Stephen and Nicola had the answer, responding: “If you want a Kinder ice cream… try it”.

Just like that, we’re sold.

Of course, you can buy Kinder ice cream if you’re too lazy to wait for your chocolate bar to freeze.

You can pick up a four pack of their ice cream cones for £3.50 at Asda and UK dessert parlour

You can also find Kinder Bueno flavoured ice creams in lots of cafes and ice cream parlours Creams Cafe also serve Kinder and Kinder White milkshakes.