Full English causes uproar because of a very strange addition

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

We like to think we’re pretty open minded here at Twisted, but there are some food combinations that are just beyond the pale.

Case in point? One person’s attempt at a Full English breakfast which features a very controversial addition on top of the usual beans, eggs, sausages and hash browns.

Can you spot it?

Yup, it’s the peas. Bleugh.

Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate peas in many contexts. Hell, we’d go as far as to say we love peas, but for breakfast? Not so much.

“Name a better start to a Sunday than a Full English,” wrote one Twitter user recently, sharing a snap of the brekky with the added greens.

But over 3,000 ‘quote tweets’ and 100 retweets later, it’s safe to say people had a lot of feelings.

“Green peas on a breakfast plate is insanity,” wrote one person in the comments.

Whilst another joked: “You serve me peas at 9am and we gon have some problems”.

“Peas…,” wrote another with a laughing emoji. “Stop the world I’m getting off”.


(Credit: Twitter)


(Credit: Twitter)

full english debate twitter

(Credit: Twitter)

Other misguided Twitter users thought that the combo was actually normal for Brits to consume.

“Every time I see a British plate my day gets ruined,” one wrote.

As another echoed: “If British people keep this up I’m going to take it as a threat I’m so serious”.

full english twitter debate

(Credit: Twitter)

full english twitter debate

(Credit: Twitter)

Give us *some credit*, guys.

Of course, this isn’t to say we wouldn’t demolish the same meal and call it lunch, just don’t think about giving us peas at 9am, please.

The Full English was also sadly lacking mushrooms, tomatoes and black pudding. A sorry affair all in all, if you ask us.

As it happens, the Twitter user who shared the snap may have been in on the joke, as it looks like the original picture came from a 2020 image shared on Rate My Plate, where people share their cooking concoctions.

Either way, it’s a no from us. Save those peas until lunch time.