This Full English pizza is a thing of beauty

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

When it comes to pizza toppings, we thought just about every combo had been done these days. Ham and pineapple, mixed veg, a pimped up margarita – we’ve had them all a thousand times.

But little did we know that we were yet to come across the best pizza topping of all.

Friends, behold the Full English Pizza.

full english pizza

Adam’s Full English Pizza is a thing of beauty (Credit: Mad as f**k pizza)

Shared on Instagram by Essex-based pop-up pizza salesman, Adam Felstead, the offering was basically everything you’d want with your brekky but laid out on woodfired pizza dough.

Literally, what more could you want when you wake up with a bit of a sore head?

“Big one last night?,” Adam wrote alongside a snap of the pizza, shared on his professional account, Mad As F**ck Pizza. “We got you – introducing the set 2 with a tea.

“I know all you pizza purists will be fuming with this absolute monster but guess what, did this sort my hangover? Big yes”.

We only have one word, and that’s ‘genius’.

Speaking to Twisted, Adam said: “The idea for this pizza was from my love of fusion food. I was trying to incorporate a truly British dish but have a fun twist using my pizza making skills.

“In terms of my inspiration for this one it was the boys from Normans Cafe in Islington, London.

“[My aim was to keep] the dish as simple and traditional as I could [whilst] making it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible”.

Adam, sir… you have definitely succeeded.

full english pizza

The crowds wanted a slice of Adam’s pizza (Credit: Instagram)

Reacting to the pizza as he shared it online, there was a flurry of people who were desperate to try it for themselves.

“Game changer this bro,” wrote someone in the comments.

Whilst another added: “I’m obsessed with this”.

Whilst the Full English pizza isn’t available to buy at present (sob), Adam is going to be throwing some pop-ups in the coming months, including one in his home town of Leigh on Sea, in Essex.

You can follow him on Instagram to keep up to date with where his pizzas will be sold. Here’s hoping the brekky pizza makes the cut.

The fun doesn’t stop at breakfast pizzas for Adam, either.

mad as fk pizza instagram

Adam loves to make fusion pizzas. [Right: Makhani Curry pizza. Left: Moroccan pizza] (Credit: Instagram)

The pizza pro has also made a ton of other fusion pies, including a Moroccan 12-hour braised lamb shoulder, with pickled red onion, chopped parsley and minted yoghurt.

Another one of our faves is the Makhani Curry based pizza, covered in tandoori King prawns and a fresh yoghurt, with pomegranate seeds.

And he knocks up a mean Philly Cheesesteak pizza, too.


Someone give this guy a restaurant, ASAP. We’d be first in line to visit.