Gordon Ramsay is selling £8 chips at his Savoy Grill restaurant

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You don’t expect a cheap meal out at one of Gordon Ramsay‘s restaurants. Granted, he’s been awarded a total of 17 Michelin Stars across all his eateries, and has a reputation that precedes him.

But you can understand why some people might raise an eyebrow at the chef (or anyone for that matter) charging £8 for a side portion of chips.

Yup, the Hell’s Kitchen star’s Savoy Grill restaurant is doing just that, and it seems that some visitors just can’t get behind to get behind the elevated price tag.

gordon ramsay

Gordon Ramsay runs the Savoy Grill (Credit: Instagram/ Savoy Grill)

Just scrolling through Trip Advisor you can see some people are struggling to quantify the cost.

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In a recent review, one guest wrote that they thought it was “madness” they had to pay over £15 for two portions of fries.

A few months earlier, another wrote: “Portions very small and came with no potatoes or vegetables. £8 for a portion of chips to go with my husband’s fish…whilst I understand we are in the heart of London I still find this excessive.”

Whilst a third penned: “We can’t fault the meal, it was delicious but to charge £8 each for a small portion of chips is outrageous, even for London prices & they were no better than MacDonalds.”

gordon ramsay savoy grill

The £8 price point has raised some eyebrows (Credit: Trip Advisor/ Savoy Grill)

It comes as Mirror reporter Emer Scully recently took a visit to the Kitchen Nightmares frontman’s eatery, and ordered the chips for herself.

“When the £8 portion of chips arrives in a silver canister, I count 31 – meaning each chip costs 25p,” she wrote.

“Rather than the thick-cut fries served in many gastro-pubs, they were only slightly thicker than a McDonald’s fry.

“They were piping hot and clearly freshly prepared. But do I think they were worth 25p each? Probably not.

“Next time, I’ll stick to the local chippy.”

the savoy

The restaurant is found in The Savoy Hotel (Credit: Instagram/ Savoy Grill)

Of course, for all the critical reviews, there are copious good ones, and it’s worth noting that the majority of people voted the Savoy Grill excellent overall.

That means there are many who are more than happy to shell out eight quid for some french fries – even if only a special treat. Hell, if they’re truly banging, who are we to judge?

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This isn’t the first time Gordon’s menu has become a talking point, with the same restaurant’s £275 Christmas menu dividing crowds. You can read more about that here.

Twisted has contacted Savoy Grill for comment.