Gordon Ramsay’s ‘beef wellington experience’ costs £239 – not including booze

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We’ve all seen the video of Gordon Ramsay making his famous Beef Wellington, right?

Well, you can try it for yourself at his “Beef Wellington Experience” at his Bread Street Kitchen restaurant in Liverpool – but it’ll cost you a pretty penny.

Gordon Ramsay is never far from our television screens. Whether he’s screaming at somebody on the verge of tears or arguing with Gino D’Acampo, he’s one of the world’s most famous chefs.

It could be argued that he is on our screens so much that people forget that the bloke has 17 Michelin stars.

gordon ramsay beef wellington

Gordon Ramsay is one of the world’s most famous chefs. (Credit: Alamy)

But the question is – do you fancy spending £239 on a Beef Wellington, with booze setting you back even more?

Well, one customer has left the top chef a scathing review after they spent that amount on a meal for two.

As cited by the Mirror, the review read: “ [We] Waited years to try a real Beef Wellington from Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, and tonight was the night.

“Terrible experience, food was seriously overpriced and wasn’t of a very good standard paid for the Beef Wellington experience.

“Bill ended up coming to £239 for two people — we got a starter to share which included one piece of tuna, four chicken wings, and a slither of beef.”

Going on to describe the main meal, the reviewer explained that the shared meal was four slices of Beef Wellington and a side of mashed potatoes.

The dessert was “one small chocolate fondant, one small cheesecake without a biscuit base, and three scoops of ice cream.”

Watch Gordon Ramsay cook his Beef Wellington below:

The total £239 bill included three bottles of water, so not a single extravagant drink was consumed.

They described the food as “disgusting” while stating that they wouldn’t even pay £40 for what they ate.

Now, while £239 for a meal for two seems steep, it’s worth noting that the review may have been written out of anger and the meal might not have been that bad.

Ramsay’s food is world-renowned and you don’t get Michelin stars without being the absolute best at your craft.

According to the website for Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, the Beef Wellington Experience costs £80 per person and that includes three courses.

beef wellington gordon ramsay

Beef Wellington is one of Ramsay’s signature dishes (stock photo). (Credit: Alamy)

Despite the negative reviews, it’s hard to read the menu on the website without your mouth watering.

Buzzwords like “tender beef” and “luxurious truffle mash” paired with Gordon’s credentials is enough to make the £80 price tag seem warranted, if you have it to splash. 

It also states that there is a Grey Goose Royal cocktail served before the starters, so it doesn’t have to be a completely sober evening.

Although, of course it goes without saying that the experience is an extravagance few can afford.