Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Gregg Wallace riles everyone up with bizarre ‘human meat’ documentary


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Gregg Wallace has spoken out after being accused of eating ‘human meat’ in his recent TV show.

The MasterChef judge recently appeared in a new Channel 4 show which saw him visit a factory, much like he has done in the past for Inside The Factory. 

However, the difference this time was that he was visiting a ‘human meat’ factory – or at least, he claimed to be.

gregg wallace the british miracle meat channel 4

Gregg appeared to be in a human meat factory (Credit: Channel 4)

Before we go any further, we should probably pause and let you know that this wasn’t in fact a documentary, but instead a mockumentary, which intended to make a comment about the cost-of-living crisis and increasing food prices.

In the show, he toured the factory and was told how steaks, sausages and burgers were made, using a “nutrient rich mix” of thinly sliced “human tissue.” Nice.

He learnt that the human meat could cost as little as 99p to feed a family, and was made of ‘milk-raised’ babies. Crikey.

Then, he met with supposed ‘human donors’ who were volunteering their flesh and even came face to face with some children who were being recruited for the harvesting process.

The show reached a dramatic peak when the TV star joined Michel Roux Jr for dinner and tucked into some human steak.

gregg wallace the british miracle meat channel 4

The show as a mockumentary (Credit: Channel 4)

As they tried to guess what kind of person each piece of meat came from, Gregg described one as “a little bit stringy”, whilst another, he remarked, was “tender” and “fattier”.

By this point, if you believed the show was real life, then more fool you.

However, there were some people on the internet who were genuinely horrified.


Whilst another commented: “Just watched Gregg Wallace’s The British Miracle Meat on C4, quite frankly it’s the sickest thing I’ve ever seen.”

gregg wallace the british miracle meat channel 4

The series saw Gregg eat ‘human steak’ (Credit: Channel 4)

“Can I just say how disturbing Gregg Wallace’s #miraclemeat is… surely it can’t be real,” said a third.

However, others managed to grasp the message.

“I totally just felt like I’d stepped into a Black Mirror world. It took a while before the penny dropped. I’m quite impressed with Gregg Wallace, such a good way of highlighting the madness of the state of the UK and cost of living crisis,” someone else chimed in.

Responding on social media, Gregg took all the feedback with good humour, and made it clear the whole thing was nothing more than a hoax.

“Thank you for watching, I really enjoyed my first ever acting job,” he said.

Featured image: Channel 4

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