These Halloween charcuterie boards are positively ghoulish

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Are you currently curating a menu for your Halloween party? Looking for a way to make some of your go-to recipes extra ghoulish?

Well, look no further than TikTok’s latest trend – Halloween charcuterie boards.

You might be thinking, ‘how can I make cured meat and antipasti scary?’ But – trust us – there are some horrifyingly spooky Halloween charcuterie boards on the video sharing app to take inspiration from.

From meat wrapped around a plastic skull (to look like a head with its skin brutally peeled off) to mozzarella, olive and cured meat ‘eyeballs’, some of the boards will have your guests running straight out of the front door again.

Here are a selection of our favourites: 

Halloween charcuterie boards

Need a hand thinking of a ghoulish design for your charcuterie? How about moulding the meat into *literal hand*, which looks like it has been severed straight off a body?

Shared by TikToker @healthyholme, the Halloween hand is simply stencilled from her own, wrapping meat around cheese sticks and a moulded log of goats cheese to create a palm and fingers.

It looks super impressive, and actually seems pretty easy to make yourself…


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♬ Halloween at Hogwarts – Official Sound Studio

In another instalment of ‘terrifying things you can do with cheese’, how about moulding a block of Camembert into Pennywise the clown?

With some nifty placement of red pepper for a mouth, parma ham, crackers and grapes for hair, and olives and candy for eyes, you can see how TikTok user @socialspreads has completely transformed her charcuterie board into something from your nightmares.

A few finishing touches with an edible food marker and it’s clear this charcuterie pro isn’t clowning around with her Halloween offering:


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We told you about the Halloween skull earlier, but you have to see it to truly believe it. TikTok account @craftgrooms simply wraps a plastic skull in parma ham so it looks like a skinless head. 

If you don’t have a plastic skull to hand, fear not! You can also mould a head out of cheese to create the same effect.


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♬ Halloween Theme (Reprise) – Alan Howarth

If you’re feeling particularly crafty, creating charcuterie eyeballs are another great option.

This idea comes from TikToker @nikkalcaraz, and whilst it’s a little more fiddly, the result is truly impressive.

To make it, you need circles of cured meat in half so you have semi-circles and lay them out in a line so they’re overlapping each other. Then, cut little holes in the centre of mini mozzarella spheres and stuffing an olive inside.

To finish them off, sit the mozzarella and olive balls at the end of your meat and roll until they’re completely coated.

Stick a cocktail stick through the centre of the mozzarella to keep everything in place, and voila! You’ve got yourself an edible eyeball.


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♬ Halloween-like mysterious BGM – harryfaoki

Whilst the eyeball hack is all about clever craftsmanship, there’s nothing wrong with using a couple of props to speed up the spook-ifying process a bit.

Get a plastic skeleton (the kind you’d decorate your house with) and pop some grapes in the hole in its chest so they look like small intestines.

Then, scatter your meat, cheese and fruit alongside the prop and you’ve got yourself a Halloween charcuterie board with minimal effort.

We love this example from @jenmschneider, here:


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♬ Mountain King – Halloween Sound Effects

You can also transform a charcuterie board with a few household condiments… like hot sauce.

TikToker @blaircooleydietitian has a nifty example of this, where she uses a few googly eyes to spark some life into a goats cheese log, before…err… brutally stabbing it with a knife. 

Enter the hot sauce which is drizzled around the cheese like blood, and what to you know? You’ve got a murder scene right there on your platter.

There are loads more fun ideas on Blair’s charcuterie platter, too, like plastic spiders and an orange pepper cut and stuffed with dip, so it looks like a mini pumpkin.

Check out her ghastly board below:


The perfect Halloween Charcuterie! Make sure to save this video for all your upcoming Halloween events 👻 I also filmed the process of me putting this together so let me know if you want me to share that, too! #halloween #halloweencharcuterieboard #halloweencharcuterie #halloweenappetizers #halloweensnack #halloweensnackboard #halloweenpartyideas

♬ Hedwig’s Theme – John Williams

Of course, these Halloween charcuterie boards are just the tip of the iceberg, the fun part is getting creative and seeing how you can warp your ingredients into the most gruesome shapes imaginable.

Grab some props and get crafting… you’ll know you’ve succeeded when you scare your guest off eating it, so there’s more for you to scoff!