Man fries an egg in the sun as UK heatwave takes over

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

It’s a bit hot, isn’t it, Brits? You didn’t need us to tell you that.

But just in case you needed concrete evidence… one man in West Yorkshire has shared a video from yesterday, in which he can be seen frying an egg on his stainless steel fridge.

Honestly, you couldn’t make this up.

The full english only took 30 minutes to cook on the UK’s hottest day – which is only going to be rivalled by today’s temperatures (eeek!).

Check out a clip below: 


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In the footage – which was filmed at midday, when temperatures were around 30 degrees centigrade – TikToker Danny Haw could be seen cracking an egg onto the industrial fridge, which sat outside his home.

He then tipped on a tin of beans alongside it and chucked on two rashers of bacon for good measure, too.

The content creator, from Pontefract, then showed the results of his breakfast thirty minutes later, revealing that all three elements of the dish had cooked.

“Cooking breakfast on a fridge in the English sun. Cooked today!,” he wrote alongside the clip.

fry up full english

Who reckons the sun could cook this fry up? (Credit: Alamy)

Reacting to the video, some people were quick to comment that we’ve all lost the plot.

“The Brits have gone crazy,” one person wrote.

But others felt vindicated that the video proved just how roasting we actually were.

“NOT THE EGG ACTUALLY COOKING,” said somebody else.

“And ‘the uk is being dramatic’ apparently,” commented another, sarcastically.

As much as we appreciate Danny making a point, we have to admit we wouldn’t be eating that egg unless the fridge had been given a proper clean first. Oh, and anyone heard of cooking oil?

tiktok heatwave

Credit: TikTok

tiktok heatwave

Credit: TikTok

“Can’t imagine the amount of flies that landed on that,” wrote a fellow TikToker in the comments.

Whilst another added: “Nah, the seagulls or pigeons would of eaten better than me”.

Speaking to the Mail, Danny explained he didn’t actually eat his brekky afterwards, he was just making a point about how scorching it was, and experimenting to see if he actually could fry an egg outside.

He was keen to try the hack after buying a stainless steel catering fridge and realising it was boiling hot to touch when it arrived.

So, there you have it folks, global warming exists (just in case the sweltering heat today wasn’t enough evidence for you…)

Stay hydrated, and please, don’t try this at home.