Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Heinz leave everyone aghast with baked bean and mayo ice lollies


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Heinz has pretty much broken the internet after doing something rather divisive with its most prized products.

Do you love mayo enough to eat it in ice lolly form? Well, that’s what’s on the menu… at least, kinda.

Over on its Insta, the brand has only gone and turned some of its products into lollies, and mayo, ketchup and salad cream are some of the chosen ingredients. 

A baked bean ice lolly is also visible in another Instagram post, alongside the caption: “A bit of sun won’t be stopping us from getting our Beanz fix.”

Now, we should caveat that Heinz isn’t actually selling ice lollies made from beans and condiments.

However, the posts alone were enough to get people riled up.

“Absolutely not, get in the bin immediately,” one person said in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “This seems illegal.”

“No!!! No no no no no,” said a third.

As a fourth penned: This is an offence, call the police!”

There were some who were a little more intrigued.

“I’d go for mayonnaise,” wrote somebody else when asked to pick. “Make some wedges, let the lolly melt and then when the wedges are cooked, dip them in the melted lolly.”

As a fellow individual chimed in: “Salad cream no questions asked.”

heinz ice lollies baked bean ketchup mayo

Do you love Hienz enough for a lolly? (Credit: Getty)

Of course, you could make your own versions of these lollies (although why you’d want to we don’t know…)

In other savoury ice lolly news, people are making pickle popsicles over on TikTok, too.

We first spotted this concoction on Reddit, on the page r/cursedfoods (in this case, very apt).

“You gotta try it,” wrote user u/mry13, alongside a picture of six popsicle sticks filled with dill pickle juice.

And sure enough, in the comments, pickle loyalists were quick to claim that they were also into the lollies.

“Not cursed. Delicious,” wrote one underneath the image.

Whilst another agreed: “Picklesicles are the best”.

As for us? We think we’ll stick to fruit lollies, thanks.
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