You’ve been cooking baked beans wrong your whole life as Heinz reveals recipe

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Baked beans are something that we are very proud of in Britain, so the news that we have been cooking them wrong might come as a shock to many.

The tomatoey beans are one of the most versatile foods because they aren’t out of place on a plate set for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

While the rest of the world might not understand our obsession with the beans, that doesn’t really matter, because we know how good they truly are.

What makes them even better is how easy they are to make – but apparently we’ve been doing it wrong and there is a way to elevate the goodness to an even higher level.

Baked beans

Baked beans are a British delicacy. Credit: Oli Scarff/Getty

According to Heinz, the first thing that you need to ensure is that the beans are stored upside down in the cupboard.

While that might look a bit strange, it’s to ensure that the bean juice is distributed evenly. You also have to ensure that you give the can a thorough shake before opening. Bet none of you were doing that, were ya?!

First things first, you need to sort out the toast. Heinz claims that white bread is best, specifically a farmhouse loaf, and that the butter (preferably unsalted) has to be spread evenly right up to the crust.

baked beans on toast

Cuisine doesn’t get much better than this. Credit: Westend61/Getty

Now comes the part where you channel your inner Gordon Ramsay, as you must cook your beans on the hob instead of in the microwave.

However, it is vital that you don’t boil the beans, because according to the experts this “can cause the sauce to split, potentially ruining the colour and flavour.”

To get even more detailed, if your toast is already buttered and waiting on the plate then you want to cook your beans to 64 degrees to eat instantly, or to 75 degrees if you still have to attend to your toast.

Now you plate the beans on top of the toast, and grate some cheese over the top before allowing them to rest for two minutes so the cheese has time to melt.

We know that you’re still going to throw them in the microwave, but now at least you know the correct bean etiquette.

When you bring a can back from the shop, it needs to be stored at 18 degrees, which is usually the temperature of a cupboard away from a heat source anyway.

But what do Heinz themselves have to say?

Paul, who is dubbed a “beanz expert” at the company, said: “Beans on toast are a cornerstone of British cuisine but people still get it wrong or are unsure how to make it.”


This is not your local lido, how to serve Beanz on Toast @Heinz UK #etiquette #Britishfood #williamhanson

♬ original sound – William Hanson

William Hanson, a popular TikToker who is famous for demonstrating “proper” etiquette added: “The only way to eat your beans is in a quintessentially British manner. Consulting Heinz, the expert voice on baked beans, on proper etiquette, will ensure British households can eat this simple yet heritage dish in the way it was supposed to be enjoyed. Your dinner guests will thank me.”

Now you know how to do it properly, go out and enjoy your beans!

Featured image: Oli Scarff/Paul Bennett/Getty