Hotdog charcuterie boards are possibly the greatest invention we’ve ever seen

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

There have been so many variations of the humble charcuterie board over the years. We saw footie themed snack boards, ones loaded with fries, and even ‘jarcuterie’ – which are charcuterie boards stuffed into little jars.

In a world of TikTok and Instagram, the picturesque party spread has become somewhat of a sensation, because there are so many ways to pimp yours out, and make it your own.

But we’d argue that we may have just found the best variation yet. Introducing the hotdog board.


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Hotdog boards have been floating around on social media for a while, but when better than summer to make one for yourself?

With BBQ season and garden parties undoubtedly around the corner, we implore you to make one of these immediately, either to impress your friends and family or just to gorge on yourself!

So, what actually is a hotdog board?

Hotdog boards are pretty much what you’d expect, a bunch of hotdogs organised smartly onto a large plate or board, with various toppings and sides placed alongside them so you can get creative and customise your own.

They’re aesthetically pleasing, and they’re damn tasty – what more could you want?!

In the same way you’d pick up a cracker and some meat on your charcuterie board, the idea is that a hotdog board is one, big shareable spread that you can pick from as you choose.

The concept has been about for a while but we first spotted it over on food blogger Reluctant Entertainer‘s page.

Her board is loaded with so many dips and sides, and even fruit for afterwards. There rally is no limit to what you can put on there! Check out her recipe here. 

Similar examples can be found from bloggers like @grazingkc, @thebakermama and @grateboards, but there are honestly loads out there.

Here are some of our faves:

Twisted’s hotdog board tips

  • Check out our recipes for inspiration 

Now, we love the concept of a hotdog board as it is, but we wouldn’t be Twisted without offering up our own tips to take yours to the next level. 

As well as your standard ketchups and mayos, why not try adding a more adventurous dip, like our fab chef Spencer’s Twisted Green wild garlic and vegan feta Tzatziki, or her incredible Korean Ssamjang inspired dip.

twisted dips

Slather onto a hotdog for maximum fusion flavours! (Credit: Twisted Green)

Slather on a hotdog and you’ve got an automatic fusion masterpiece!

Inspired by Hugh’s Adana Kebab hotdog you can also use koftas instead of sausages to fill your buns, to create a sort of hotdog-kebab hybrid. Check out his recipe here. 

  • It’s all about variety

Of course, the key to a good hotdog charcuterie board is really about having options for people to graze between.

We’d suggest mixing up the type of buns on offer (seeded, brioche, pretzel rolls, etc), and serving up various different hotdogs, too (frankfurters, fat English sausages from your butcher, a veggie variety, etc).

A good side-dish would never go amiss, either – we’re talking chips (fat, thin cut, waffles or curly fries), crisps (in any and ever flavour), salad and crudités.

Then, you need your toppings: fried onions, peppers and veg, whatever salsa you have knocking about and condiments aplenty.

hotdog board

Hotdog boards are as much about their accompaniments (Credit: Alamy)

The beauty of a hotdog board is it is what you make of it. The sun is out, the BBQ is cranked up, and there couldn’t be a better time to try making one for yourself…