Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

People are just discovering how crab sticks are made


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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People are giving themselves the ick by watching a video of crab sticks being made.

Yup, the fact of the matter is we don’t know the ins and outs about how a lot of our favourite processed foods are made, and a lot of people are probably grateful for that fact.

But if you’re curious, keep on reading…

The video, which has recently gone viral, allows people a glimpse into life at a crab stick factory.

You can catch a glimpse below: 

Shared by Food Kingdom on YouTube, the clip sees a bunch of frozen fish meat thrown into a massive churner. Nothing too odd to see here.

The surprising thing is, though, there isn’t any crab meat to be seen, and instead the primary ingredient is Alaskan pollock.

This is all mixed up with the likes of egg whites and wheat and turns into a bizarre looking grey paste, not too dissimilar to clay.

The paste is then put into a machine that churns it into a long strip of fish, which is bound together with other strips like a rope, before it is shredded up so it looks like crab meat.

Some of this product is then sold off as surimi (a crab meat substitute), whilst the rest is coated in that bright orange exterior and sold as crab sticks.

how are crab sticks made

Crab sticks or weird grey sludge? (Credit: YouTube/ Food Kingdom)

“I always thought this stuff was disgusting, now I KNOW it is,” said one. 

Whilst another wrote: “I will never eat crab sticks again.”

“Hot dogs of the sea,” joked a third.

However, others didn’t see what all the fuss was about. 

how are crab sticks made

Yummy? (Credit: YouTube/ Food Kingdom)

“I love adding lots of mock crabmeat to my delicious pasta salad recipe. See, now y’all went and made me hungry!!!,” penned a fourth.

As another agreed: “To be perfectly honest, I like the product. It’s very affordable and makes a very good cold crab salad.”

“How did [people] think it was made? Fish fillet and a rolling pin?,” exclaimed someone else.

What about you? Is this vid a dealbreaker for you, or did it make you hungry?

Featured image: Getty/ YouTube: Food Kingdom 

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