People are arguing about how to use a straw – because of course they are

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There are a few things you learn as a kid that you simply never think about again: like how to tie your shoelaces, or ride a bike.

You might think drinking from a carton is another of those skills that you just know – but not according to one guy on Twitter.

Forget Kim K and her champagne cork, the internet has officially broken all over again, and it’s all over a row over how to use the straw in a juice carton (yep, really).

It all started after Twitter user, @romanbuso21, shared a diagram of how to use a straw, alongside the caption: “My whole life has been a lie”.

The image showed an image of the ‘traditional way’ of drinking juice, with the bent end of the straw sticking out the top of the carton, but then it showed what it dubbed the ‘correct way’ with the bent end of the straw sitting along the bottom of the carton.

We know…. Mind. Blown.

Naturally, people had a lot to say about the diagram as it was screenshotted and shared across the internet, and it wasn’t just Roman who was a little shook.

juice carton straw

Typically, the juice carton straw bends at the top (Credit: Alamy)

“I’m sorry WHAT,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another penned: “Wait…what…how?”

“What. I cannot handle this,” wrote somebody else. We have to admit we were pretty bamboozled at first, too.

Of course, though, like everything on social media, you have to take the post with a pinch of salt.

So, we decided to get a carton of juice for ourselves and try out the viral ‘hack’ for size.

Sure enough, our experiment proved that we had been using straws correctly all along.

When we tried to fit the bendy side of the straw alongside the bottom of the juice carton, it just about squeezed in, but the process was significantly more of a faff.

We could tell that the bendy end of the straw didn’t properly fit across the bottom of the carton, so wasn’t actually reaching into the hard-to-reach corners like it was meant to.

Plus, all it meant was that we had a smaller head of the straw to suck from.

straw cartons hack

We tried the straw hack ourselves (Credit: Twisted)

As many people also pointed out in the comments, there’s another issue, too. The long end of the straw is the part with a pointy end created specifically to pierce the seal.

Therefore, all that fitting the straw in the other way does is make it harder to open the drink.

We *knew* we’d been doing it right all along.

Naturally, it all depends on the juice carton and straw you buy, and in some cases this tip might work better than others.

But you know what they say… if it ‘aint broke, don’t fix it. Sometimes, Twitter just causes more drama than it’s worth.