People are making coffee ice cubes and it’s the ultimate iced coffee hack

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Europe is currently experiencing heatwaves like never before, and for many, electric fans and daily iced coffees have been the only solace.

Yup, we can all agree there’s nothing like a freezing cold drink when it’s sweltering outside, but the problem is, sometimes it can feel like a bit of a faff to make.

Ever feel like you need a ton of ice for your iced coffee to actually get cold? Sick of watering down the taste of the coffee every time you ice it?

Enter, coffee ice cubes.

coffee ice cubes

Coffee ice cubes are about to change your iced coffee game forever (Credit: Alamy)

Coffee ice cubes actually aren’t new at all, but they’ve been doing the rounds on TikTok lately, as Gen-Z have discovered them for the first time.

They’re basically what it says on the tin: You brew a coffee in a press and let it cool, then pour into an ice cube tray and keep for whenever you want an iced coffee.

Easy peasy, right?

TikToker, @ambitiouskitchen, is one such individual who has shared the idea, showing TikTokers how she makes a simple iced coffee by adding hot coffee and milk to the frozen coffee ice cubes – no faffing around required!

Check out her video below:


a little coffee cube #asmr for ya ☕️🧊 no more watered down icedcoffee! #coffee #coffeecubes #recipe #goodmorning

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Meanwhile, user, @sarahscookery, shared the same tip on her own page, writing: “Coffee cubes are my muse”.

“This is so smart! I have to try this,” wrote one person in the comments.

As another added: “No joke just made my mouth water”.


coffee cubes are my muse 🤎🌝 #nespresso #coffeeaddict

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The best thing about the iced coffee cubes is that they not only save you time whilst making the drink, they also ensure that even when they melt, your drink is going to be super strong and not watery.

Plus, you can even freeze leftover coffee you have in your cafetiere after your morning drink, meaning the ice cubes are a great way to ensure minimal waste.

Win, win.

coffee ice cubes

Iced coffee just got quicker to make (Credit: Alamy)

The minimum time you should freeze your coffee is about four hours, but it can last for days in the freezer, too – although, we challenge you to make the coffee cubes last that long in almost 30 degree heat.

Of course, you can also tailor your coffee cubes to suit your taste. Wanna add a sweetener? Do it before they go in the freezer and make sure it’s mixed into the chilled brewed coffee first

Whether it’s vanilla or caramel syrup, sugar or honey, the options really are endless. You could even freeze multiple batches to keep things interesting.

Anyone else really craving an iced coffee now? Don’t forget this hack, it’s a summer game-changer.