People are seriously baffled by Iceland’s new Hash Brown Crown

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Prepare yourself for a meal that’s fit for a king or queen!

Yes, as the coronation of King Charles III approaches, you too can feel like the royalty you are, with Iceland’s new Hash Crown. (And – just so we’re clear – that is a wearable and edible crown made entirely of hash brown.)

The new product is now visible on the official Iceland website, and appears to have a current price of just £2! However, the page currently states that it is ‘coming soon’. 

As a result, social media users appear to be divided over whether or not the bizarre Hash Crown is an elaborate April Fool’s joke (after all, look at the date) or a bizarre marketing ploy in-line with the upcoming coronation on May 6th. 

This would be a true feat of culinary architecture… (Credit: Iceland)

After all, this is the supermarket that proudly stocks Twisted’s Lasagne Filled Yorkshire Pudding – so we know they appreciate fine cuisine. 

And if this is some sort of practical joke, they’ve certainly put the effort in making it believable – going as far as to include a full ingredients list and multiple cooking instructions. 

In case you were wondering, you could enjoy an oven-cooked Hash Crown in just 31- 33 minutes.

Over on social media, the Hash Crown has certainly caused a stir.

One Twitter user responded by joking: “Are you okay babe? you haven’t touched your Iceland hash brown crown for the coronation…”

A second tweeted: “Temporarily breaking my self-imposed Twitter hiatus to share the news that @IcelandFoods are launching a life-size crown made out of hash browns and it has made the world alright again.”

One person boasted: “I’m buying two. One to eat/wear and one to pass on one day to my nonexistent children or grandchildren as a valuable keepsake.” To which, Iceland even replied: “In years to come historians will write about the mighty Hash Crown.”

However, one skeptic also tweeted: “Is the Iceland ‘Hash Brown Crown’ thing genuine, or does no-one read the embargo dates on April Fool press releases anymore?”

So, although the chances of the Hash Crown being an April Fool’s joke are high, we’re really hoping it isn’t. 

Let’s be honest, we all want to be treated like starchy royalty!