You can now rent an inflatable pub to throw the ultimate garden party

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Looking to elevate your garden party game this summer?

Well, you can now rent an inflatable pub to put up in your garden – who needs to leave the house?!

Just imagine your friends’ faces when they turn up and you present your very own watering hole, equipped with tables, chairs and a keg and tap to pour your own beer.

Emulating the feel of a real pub, without the annoying journey to and from, the Inflatable Pub is sure to be something your houseguests haven’t seen before.

inflatable pub

You can buy one of 16 varieties of inflatable pub (Credit: Inflatable Pub Co)

We mean, who else just has a pub sitting in their garden!? Not us…but with any luck we will do, soon.

Whether for a birthday, a wedding or just a summer celebration, the company – based in the north west of England, with sites in Birmingham, Cardiff and London, too – Inflatable Pub Co offer a variety of different pubs to suit your needs, no matter if you’re a group of 25 or 150.

They deliver across the UK, and the best part is you can even hire someone to come in and run the bar for you! 

As you can imagine, the idea took off over lockdown, when people physically couldn’t go to the pub. 

But the company’s owner, Matthew, says it’s just as popular today, seeing as people have realised the practicality of the concept, as well as the novelty value.

inflatable pub

The pubs are fitted with kegs and seating for guests (Credit: Inflatable Pub Co)

“Most people don’t hire venues anymore and utilise their gardens, saving them money,” he says. “Drinks are expensive now and a normal night out can cost a lot. 

“We bring the pub to [customers] at not a huge cost and create memories that last a lifetime”.

The inflatable pub company have 16 pubs for hire, starting from £375,00 with extras included.

The poshest of the bunch come with disco lighting, high-tech speakers and drinks coolers, too.

inflatable pub

The pubs are perfect for birthday celebrations, or just a good time! (Credit: Inflatable Pub Co)

They’re the largest company doing what they do in the UK, and they don’t stop at pubs, either.

Matthew’s company also sell inflatable igloos, if you want something a bit different, and he says they’re perfect for weddings, and big celebrations with lots of dancing.

Chuck a DJ in one of ’em and you’ll feel like you’re partying in the North Pole – who needs a marquee, ey?

We know what we’re hiring for our next garden party. And the best part? You can charge whatever you want for a pint!

We’ll see you in the Twisted Tavern…