Influencer sparks debate after eating food whilst walking around grocery store

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A TikTok influencer has sparked debate after filming herself eating food in the supermarket before she paid for it.

Yup, TikToker Cecily Bauchmann got people talking as she decided to head to the supermarket whilst a little peckish, and subsequently snacked her way through the food shop in her trolly.

This meant that she ended up arriving at the till with a half empty food container. But is that a cardinal shopping sin? It turns out the internet is rather divided…

“OPENING FOOD IS A NORMAL THING AT THE GROCERY STORE, K?” she wrote in the caption of the video, adding that she also opened a container of sushi and tucked in, too.


OPENING FOOD IS A NORMAL THING AT THE GROCERY STORE K?🍓✨#relatablemom #relatablemomlife #groceryshopping #groceryhaul #grocerystore

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“I also opened this in-store. Sorry, I was hungry,” she added.

Whilst the cashier didn’t react to the half eaten packet, a lot of her TikTok followers had other ideas.

“I feel like your probably not supposed to do that,” said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: “When I’m a cashier I get annoyed sometimes when people hand me their trash to scan lol.”

“My mama never ever let us do this and I get lowkey embarrassed when anyone I’m with does this,” said a third.

As a fourth chimed in, asking: “And if your card declines? Did you bring cash? Otherwise it’s stealing and how do you expect the store to react?”

tiktok eating supermarket Cecily Bauchmann

The TikToker munched as she walked down the aisles (Credit: Getty)

However, plenty of others didn’t see what the issue was.

“I do this all the time too,” said one.

Whilst another said: “I mean if ur gonna pay for it what’s the prob?”

“Eating at the store is so much better haha,” someone else said.

Responding to some of the criticism, the TikToker said she snacked during the shopping trip “to keep life interesting.”

In response to someone saying it “feels illegal,” she joked: “It’s all about the experience.”

What’s your stance on this debate?

Featured image: Getty/ TikTok