Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Influencer admits to cooking her own flesh into a spag bol


Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Article by Joanna Sarah-Freedman

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Sometimes influencers do weird stuff to get people talking, but this might just take the biscuit.

Youtube and Twitch streamer Paula Gonu has just baffled the internet by revealing she cooked her own flesh into a spaghetti bolognese… and ate it.

Yup, the 30-year-old video star, from Spain, told 113 Podcast that she had recently had surgery on her knee which involved removing some of her cartilage.

She apparently asked the surgeon if she could keep the flesh that had been removed, and explained to viewers that she wanted to eat it “because it was part of [her].”

As you do, right?

“He [the surgeon] put what he removed into a small container like those used for urine samples,” she said.

“He put it in alcohol so it would stay that way for as long as I wanted.”

Paula explained she kept the cartilage for a week before telling her boyfriend what she had planned for it.

“I told him I wanted to eat it because it was part of me, and I had to put it back in my body,” she said. “‘But why do you want to eat it?’, [he asked].

“I answered, why not? It’s not going to hurt me,'”

‘So, then I made a Bolognese sauce, I added it in, and I ate it. I wanted to be able to say in my head that I’ve eaten a piece of my own meniscus [which is the soft cartilage that lives on each side of your knee].”

Paula Gonu spaghetti bolognese human flesh knee

Paula made spag bol from human flesh (Credit: Alamy)

To make her spaghetti bolog-knees (see what we did there?!), Paula simply added the flesh into her sauce and cooked it like any other meat.

Then, she and her boyfriend ate the meal. 

Whilst many people might raise an eyebrow at the move, the influencer was adamant that there was nothing bizarre about it. 

She said there were”worse animals” to consume, and added that eating part of your own body shouldn’t be frowned upon. 

Speaking to the Mail, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners said: “There are many things doctors recommend patients do following surgery including recuperating slowly and carefully heeding all instructions given to them post-surgery, however, eating your own cartilage is certainly not one of them.”

Paula Gonu spaghetti bolognese human flesh knee

Paula’s decision to eat her knee sparked debate (Credit: Instagram/ Paula Gonu)

Reacting to the video, which was streamed live as a podcast and also lives on YouTube, people were…well, shocked, to say the least.

“What in the fresh hell is this?,” wrote one person in the comments.

Whilst another penned: “I almost threw up a thousand times in the first few minutes.”

“At what point did I decide that it was a good idea to watch this over dinner?,” chimed in someone else. 

This actually isn’t the first time someone has hit the headlines for eating their own flesh.

Back in 2018, a guy from America was talk of the internet after hosting a dinner party for his mates and serving them tacos made from the flesh of his freshly amputated foot.

We think we’ll stick to normal tacos and spag bol, thanks.

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