Influencer stunned after popular restaurant ‘shames’ her for ‘ordering too much food’

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A TikTok influencer was left pretty stunned when a restaurant allegedly “shamed” her for ordering too much food.

Eating out is one of the simple pleasures in life. It means no cooking, no washing up, and sometimes means you get to try the food that you normally wouldn’t be able to make at home. (And let’s face it, food just tastes better when it was cooked for you.)

But one influencer on TikTok found herself in a bizarre situation where she felt that she was being “shamed” for the amount of food she ordered with her friend.

Cassandra Mauro attended The Paper Crane Sushi Bar and Bistro in Ontario and she made a video explaining her experience at the restaurant.


Im laughing about this but Paper crane you lost me girly, seriously why were we getting shamed tho #restaurants #kingcity #sushiroll #vaughan

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The TikToker explained that when she and her friend began ordering food, the waitress replied “no, no no, too much food,” before allegedly making a “urgh” noise when the pair ordered another sushi roll.

Cassandra clarified that it wasn’t an all-you-can-eat restaurant, and if she was unable to finish her meal she would simply take it home with her.

The TikToker went on to reveal that the manager of the restaurant came over to them and asked the women if they were hungry in a judgemental tone, before instructing them to move to another table because they’d ordered so much.

One of their dishes came with a side of rice, and the waitress apparently asked the women if they still needed it, to which Cassandra said: “Now we can’t order more and you’re taking away the stuff that we’re literally paying for. Not to mention how offensive that is to someone to say do you still need that, like, you kind of have a lot already.”


Replying to @Kate Stout thank you for all the support!! Lets move forward with kindness

♬ original sound – Cassandra Mauro

The influencer claims that she could hear the chefs laughing from the kitchen as they prepared her meal, but she defiantly ate it all and even tipped the staff for their service.

Since the video went viral, The Paper Crane Sushi Bar and Bistro has been hit by a wave of negative reviews and they have since released a statement about the ordeal.

Taking to Instagram, the restaurant wrote: “The past 24 hours has been a whirlwind and something our family never expected to happen.”

They explained that the staff speaks English as a second language, and they are “embarrassed” that their comments came across as judgmental, and this was not how they were intended.

Since the incident, the management team has ensured that staff brush up on their English and are going to be careful with the tone they use with customers.

They reached out to Cassandra personally in order to rectify the situation and have offered their sincerest apologies.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the restaurant has received some racially motivated backlash since the video went viral, meaning that they have removed the ability to comment on their posts.

We sure hope Cassandra and the restaurant iron things out, because it’s evident that this was all just one giant misunderstanding!

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