You can bathe in a hot tub full of red wine in Japan, and we’re booking flights immediately

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Many people associate a nice glass of red wine with winding down after a long hard day – but probably because they like to drink the stuff, right?

Well, in Japan they’ve found another way to wind down with a vino rouge, and we’re totally into it.

At Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, you can bathe in a red wine hot tub, filled with either Merlot or Bordeaux.

Check out a video below: 


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Excuse us whilst we book ourselves flights immediately…

The ‘spa theme park’ is around 100km west of Tokyo, and its ‘vinotherapy’ become quite an attraction in the area.

The wine bath allegedly has anti-aging properties (although, we’ll take that with a pinch of salt). It’s the resveratrol (which is a group of compounds within the wine) which is meant to promote youthful looking skin.

It and also promises to be a relaxing experience, and, more importantly, a bit of fun.

wine bath

Anyone for a swim in some Merlot? (Credit: Yunessun Spa Resort)

You might scoff at the idea of bathing in a tub of vino, but the process was apparently enjoyed by Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt – and if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, surely everyone just wants to drink the wine in the tub? The good news is that the team at the spa have thought of the perfect incentive to avoid that, too.

Whilst you’re in the wine bath, you can pour yourself a glass from a giant hanging 12-foot bottle that’s suspended above you.

Glass of vino whilst bathing in vino? Don’t mind if we do…

Pour yourself a glass from a 12-foot wine bottle (Credit: Yunessun Spa Resort)

The fun doesn’t stop at wine, as the spa also offers similar experiences with coffee and green tea – perfect for any tee-total spa attendees.

The coffee experience features a hot spring bath filled with the drink, which is brewed at a low temperature and meant to “beautify skin” and energise visitors.

Meanwhile, there’s also a green tea hot spring which helps boost radiance and improve your circulation.

green tea pool sake bath

Bathe in a green tea spring and a sake bath (Credit: Yunessun Spa Resort)

It wouldn’t be Japan without a sake pool, either. This one drips the spirit from a barrel into the pool and is meant to warm patrons up from the inside with its calming aroma.

There’s loads more too. Like loads more. Think cave pools, saunas and steam rooms, plus, the kids can enjoy themselves at the spa’s Rodeo Mountain water slides, too. 

But let’s be honest, you’re going for the boozy spa features, aren’t you?

You can find out more about the Yunessun Spa Resort here.

In the meantime, we might have to start filling our bath tubs with wine…