Jelly shot Jenga is about to become your favourite drinking game

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Fancy a games night? Well, let’s sack off ‘never have I ever’ and beer pong and go for something new instead.

Did you know you can now buy a Jell-O Shot Jenga set? Literally, name a more perfect drinking game… we’ll wait.

The game was first uncovered by the DIY page Crafty Morning, and is for sale on the Etsy page, .

On the outside, the 54 piece Jenga board looks relatively normal, but just you wait until you start pulling out the wooden pieces…

jell-o shot jenga

Jelly shots in a Jenga board? We’re listening… (Credit: StonePointWoodwork)

Hidden inside the board are 15 slots to hide jelly shots, and if you pull one of those pieces out, then you’ve gotta down the shot.

As well as the Jenga board, you’ll be given 25 shot cups to fill with jelly, some lids to avoid spillages, and even a rules sheet, in case you didn’t grasp the basic principles of Jenga.

A recipe for jelly shots is also included, but in truth, you could put whatever you want in the shot glasses (just be aware, the jelly stands less chance of spilling than a straight shot of voddy).

If you want the game to be really boozy, you can order your set with extra shot holes and cups.

jell-o shots

Jelly shots at the ready (Credit: Alamy)

Plus, you can even order a game in which the planks have double shot holes in them.

A standard, Little Tipsy Jell-O Shot Tower will set you back just under $150 (£122), whilst a double shot Jenga game will cost a little over $160 (£132).

Whilst it may be a little steep, they certainly look worth it if reviews are anything to go by.

“This was a huge hit at our company team BBQ,” wrote one person.

Whilst another gushed: “We had a blast with this at our last girls’ night!”

jell-o shot jenga

Jenga just got an upgrade (Credit: Alamy)

Unfortunately, UK shoppers won’t be able to get their hands on this game, as it’s currently only available in the States.

But if you’re looking for something similar, Etsy seller is selling a Drunken Tower drinking game, with should also fit the bill.

Instead of shot holes, it has boozy instructions on some the wooden planks, and if you pull one out you have to follow its order.

Instructions include ‘drink with the player to your left’ and ‘everyone drinks except you’.

Drink responsibly guys…both of these games look a little *too* much fun.