These Union Jack ‘Jubilee fish and chips’ are causing a stir on TikTok

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

One of our favourite parts of the run-up to the Queen’s Jubilee has been watching the food world clamour to try and make their products relevant ahead of the big day.

Heinz renamed its Salad Cream ‘Salad Queen’ and Marks & Spencer gave its Colin and Connie the Caterpillar cakes a regal makeover.

But one Welsh chippy went a step further in a bid to honour Her ‘Maj, creating neon blue and red fish and chips – in reference to the Union Jack.

Check them out for yourself in the TikTok below: 


🇬🇧 Jubilee Fish & Chips Anyone? #jubilee #fishandchips #wales #cymru #carmarthenshire #chips #crispandfry

♬ The British Grenadiers – Gruffydd John Harries, Paul Smith.

From chippy, Crisp and Fry, the Union Jack fish and chips feature bright red chips and electric blue fish, with stripes of mayo on top, like the white lines on the flag.

Sharing their creation on social media, the chippy wrote: “GB Jubilee Fish and Chips anyone?,” setting the video of the chips to tune The British Grenadiers, which is the song British military units march to.

In the clip, they show the cooking process, with food colouring being poured into batter, before proudly parading their end result.

And… errr, let’s just say people were a little baffled by the colourful creation.

crisp and fry tiktok jubilee fish and chips

These comments just about say it all (Credit: TikTok/ Crispandfry)

“Lord, is this the sort of stuff that’s ahead for the next few weeks? If so I might go on holiday,” wrote one person in the comments.

Whilst another replied: “Immediately no”.

“What have I just watched?,” chimed in somebody else.

As a fourth wrote: “Thanks, Queen’s crying now”.

queen's jubilee

The chips are a special tribute to Queenie (Credit: Alamy)

Whether tongue in cheek or not, there were some that spoke in favour of the chippy creation.

“When people say the British has no culture, show them this,” one wrote.

We think we’re going to have to ready ourselves for a lot more tenuous Jubilee takes in the next few weeks.

Still, is it bad we *kinda* love this garish creation? There’s no denying the novelty value…