A KFC branch is selling Kentucky Fried Oreos and OMG

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

A KFC branch in South Africa has launched Kentucky Fried Oreos, and we simply need them now.

Yup, in today’s instalment of fast food from other countries that we’re gutted we’ll never be able to try, we bring you this absolutely banging KFC dessert from a branch in Kentucky Town, South Africa.

The innovation is a one off local dish in the Lynnwood, Pretoria location, but we’re starting a petition for it to be brought to KFCs internationally, stat.

It’s made of Oreo biscuits in a crispy doughnut style batter (we’re guessing no herbs and spices, despite the name).

kfc kentucky fried oreos

One KFC branch is selling Kentucky Fried Oreos (Credit: KFC Kentucky Town)

The Oreo doughnuts are placed on a bowl of soft serve ice cream and scattered with sprinkles.

“I love that KFC, home of the double-down, lived up to that name and openly embraced being unhealthy this summer. Iconic,” said one person on Facebook as they spotted a picture of the dessert.

Whilst another wrote: “Yummmm now i want deep fried Oreos.”

“Man wtf I want this,” said a third.

As a fourth complained: “Why isn’t this on our normal menu?”

We feel ya.

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The KFC item is only available in South Africa (Credit: KFC)

We’re equally gutted that our local KFC isn’t selling these bad boys, but the good news is it’s quite easy to make battered Oreos at home.

All you have to do is mix a bog standard pancake mix from milk, egg, and vegetable oil and you’re good to go.

Dip your Oreo in the batter and then drop it in hot oil and watch it brown and crisp.

See, now we saved you a trip to South Africa!