Kim Kardashian’s pantry is so organised it’s sending us into a nervous sweat

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Here at Twisted, we take pride in having a pretty tidy kitchen – it’s where we knock up all our recipes, after all.

But we have no choice but to admit that we’ve just been well and truly one-upped.

Kim Kardashian has shared a glimpse into her pantry, and, honestly, we can’t quite comprehend how organised it is.

In fact, just looking at it is sending us into a nervous sweat…imagine spilling something in there?!

kim kardashian pantry kitchen

Have you ever seen anywhere more organised?! (Credit: @ivansocal /

Kim shared the pictures of the food cupboard on her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s website, Poosh, explaining that she had turned to Mary Astadourian, who runs organisation company, A Detailed Life, to get the space in shape.

Naturally, the room looks impeccable, although of course Kim probably has about nine cleaners who dust it every hour, and a chef who ensures she barely has to enter the room herself…

To finesse the room, she added a new shelf to create more space and replaced a bunch of her ceramic items so they were all cream and matched perfectly with the rest of her house.

First thoughts? *So much* china in a house where four kids live…

Kim also added glass jars filled with different grains and pastas, as well as light wooden organisers throughout the space, in which she has stored all her snacks.

These include rice cakes, pretzel sticks, Veggie Straws, Kettle Chips, BBQ chips, Goldfish crackers, plantain chips and chocolate cookies.

Imagine having a dedicated Kettle Chips draw?!

kim karashians pantry kitchen

So. Many. Snacks (Credit: @ivansocal /

The walk in food storage area was originally designed to fit the home’s ‘wabi-sabi aesthetic.’

“Everything is at a reachable level so the kids can easily go in and grab their favorite snacks,” the Poosh site explains.

“All the cups, plates, and bowls are custom ceramic. Even the glass jars (which are from The Container Store) have custom lids to blend in nicely with the lighter wood throughout the house.

“The snacks, sprinkles, and tea essentials are all perfectly lined up so everything is visible and the family can quickly see what’s available without wasting time digging through an unorganised pantry”.

kim kardashian pantry kitchen

Is this a hotel? Nope it’s just a family pantry (Credit:@ivansocal /

As well as a tea section, with separate containers filled with teabags, sugar and wooden stirrers, there is also an ice cream station, made up of several glass jars which are stuffed with everything from cones to sprinkles.

Of course, people had a lot of feelings about Kim’s pantry. The comments were a mixture of jealousy and unease…

“Kim Kardashian’s pantry is my coming-home-from-school dream,” wrote one person after seeing the new pics. 

Whilst another wrote: “I think calmness would also be my superpower if my pantry looked like this @KimKardashian”.

“Kim K’s pantry scares me,” wrote a third. 

As a fourth replied: “If I ever become rich i promise not to turn my home into a minimalist Costco”.

We know there are bigger things going on in the world right now, but let’s take a moment to process Kim K’s pantry.

It’s so organised it’s actually painful – but there’s no denying it’s utterly fascinating all the same.

Check out the full array of slightly disturbing pictures over on Poosh.