People are losing it over the fact that Kim Kardashian has a mini Starbucks in her garden

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At this point, nothing about Kim Kardashian’s life could surprise us. From her insanely organised pantry to the ridiculous parties she throws her kids.

But she’s once again got people talking after North West revealed her extra AF play area, equipped with their very own mini Starbucks.

Oh to be one of Kim Kardashian’s children…

Check it out below:


Play dates be like

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In a recent TikTok posted on Kim and her daughter North’s account, you can see the Starbucks for yourself as North runs around.

It’s part of a mini village set up the kids have set up for them (naturally), with a ton of dolls houses for North, nine, Saint, seven, Chicago, four and Psalm, three, to play make believe in.

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The Starbucks sadly isn’t a functioning shop (although we wouldn’t put it past Kim, tbh), but it looks like a little kid’s dream.

There’s also an American diner, a grocery store and even a mini KKW Beauty store, if the children want to get involved in their mum’s empire.

north west starbucks

Starbucks anyone? Meet you in Kim’s yard (Credit:TikTok/ Kim and North)

The mini village, named, Lil’ Hidden Hills, was reportedly conceptualised by Kim back in 2021, and it also features the likes of a Lego tower and slide.

And North was clearly proud of it, as she filmed it for a video, with the caption: “Play dates be like…”

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Reacting to the model shops as the video was shared online, one person took to Facebook and sarcastically wrote: “Good to see they are using y’all hard earned money on the more important things in life like a life sized backyard mall”.

Meanwhile, another joked: “Perks of Billionaire parents.”

“OMG! Sorry but she’s spoiling her kids, they’ll probably be brats,” said someone else on Twitter.

“Gota teach that consumerism mindset early (sic),” teased somebody else.

north west

We mean… look at it! (Credit: TikTok/ Kim and North)

Of course, there were loads of people giving Kim much less of a hard time, and simply marvelling at the rather impressive looking model village.

We’re not going to pretend we’re not jealous of North’s backyard Starbucks – although, we’d prefer it if it was functioning, too.