Restaurant owner bans under 18s - and the internet has opinions

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We've all been're sat in a restaurant with all your mates and all you can hear is the crying of a toddler on the table next door.

It's a bit of a vibe kill, to say the least.

Saying that, most people choose empathy when they're next to a family with a screaming little one, realising that taking energetic kids out for dinner is no mean feat.

Not one restaurant, though. In fact, the Aussie eatery decided to ban anyone under 18 in a bid to avoid such disruptions.

The restaurant is becoming an adult only space some of the time (Credit: Getty)

Peter Wu, owner of Kin Dining and Bar in Marrickville, Sydney, said his Peruvian and Japanese fusion restaurant was now 'strictly 18+ from 5pm every day'.

"We have all had experiences being sat beside a screaming toddler, or an impatient child, or just a loud iPad - we don’t want our diners to have those potential disturbances," he said.

The restaurant owner said on daytime TV show, Sunrise: "This is partly so that we can provide that dining experience for our guests and create that sense of escapism.

"I think overall people are quite happy with that stance we have taken."

Watch the restaurant owner's interview here:

Peter is right that overall, people don't seem to mind the move.

 "As a parent of 2 kids, I'll happily leave my kids at home to go out and eat dinner in peace!" said one person as the change was announced on social media.

While another wrote: "It’s a bar and restaurant for fine dining. Plenty of restaurants in Marrickville that you can bring the kids too go there instead."

"Hope this trends and there’s more. Nothing worse than paying good money for a nice meal only have screaming children throw food all over the floor while I’m trying to have a conversation. I’m willing to pay more not to experience that," a third chimed in.

The move is to stop 'disruptions' from younger people (Credit: Getty)

However, not everyone agreed.

"I have kids, and I get it, but are frowned upon in public in most places. Where it really shouldn't be like that. Kids/ young adults should be encouraged to be a part of our lives and culture/eating experiences," someone else commented.

What do you think?

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