Kylie Jenner has an insane menu on her £65million private jet

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

You only have to look on social media to see the Kardashian sisters’ lavish lifestyles. From their designer handbags to their immaculately decorated houses, they’ve got it all, and boy do they flaunt it.

But if you really want something to feel jealous about, take a look into life on Kylie Air – Kylie Jenner’s lavish $72.8 million (£65 million) private jet.

Now, much has been said about Kylie’s private jet, and some of the (ahem) pretty brief trips it is alleged to have recorded.

But what’s it like on board? Well, aside from the built in master bedroom, the two bathrooms and the entertainment suite, we spotted the elaborate menu that The Kardashians star gets to order from when she flies, and let us assure you it’s as as opulent as you’d expect…

kylie jenner private jet menu

The Kylie Air menu is pretty lavish (Credit: Instagram/ Kris Jenner)

The Kylie Air menu was leaked to the public when Kylie’s mum, Kris Jenner, shared a sneak peek on her Insta whilst travelling with her partner, Corey Gamble, not long ago.

At the time, it featured everything from cheese and spinach ravioli with butter sage pesto to roasted tomato bisque, and all seven options rival those you’d see at a five star restaurant.

The menu also stars the Kardashian’s favourite Chinese chicken salad (as fans will remember from the Keeping Up days), and another course includes seared Mahi Mahi with pineapple mango salsa, sautéed spinach, grilled vegetables and pomme puree. Yum.

When Kris flew on Kylie Air, you could also order a lentil soup or a lemon orzo pasta, as well as a teriyaki chicken bowl with sticky rice, edamame and sesame seeds.

Phew, we wouldn’t know where to begin!

kylie jenner private jet

Kylie Jenner’s private jet is as lavish as you’d expect (Credit: Instagram)

Anyone else feeling even more depressed about their economy airplane food now?

Kylie reportedly bought her jet in 2020 – a year after the Kylie Cosmetics founder was officially declared a billionaire.

She’s not the only Kardashian sister whose eating habits have come under the spotlight, as her elder sibling Kourtney also recently made the headlines for prohibiting her son Mason from eating McDonald’s.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who is also the founder of lifestyle and wellness brand Poosh, has been vocal about living with a mostly plant-based, gluten free and sugar free diet since her early days on the reality show.

kris jenner kylie private jet

Kris Jenner shared the private jet menu (Credit: Instagram/ Kris Jenner)

During an interview with Wall Street Journal, she said: “I was having my one-on-one time with my son [Mason] and he said, ‘Mom, I need McDonald’s French fries today, please. It’s been a year since I’ve had it.’”

“I was like, ‘Today’s not the day, sorry.’,” she added.

You can read more about that here.