Lizzo’s ‘English Breakfast’ is getting rinsed online

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Popstar Lizzo might know a thing or two about juice, but when it comes to English Breakfasts…we’re not so sure.

The singer has riled up TikTok by sharing a rather bizarre brekky combination, and as Brits we’d like to disown it immediately.

Yup, we’re all about fusion food here at Twisted, but we think this one might be a bit much even for us.

Check it out below: 


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Whilst staying at a hotel near Glastonbury festival, where she had performed, Lizzo told fans: “I want to show y’all the champion’s breakfast I’ve been eating at this countryside place…”

She went on to explain she was “deep in the Bridgerton trenches in Bath” (lol), and where better to have a hearty Full English… right? Right?!

Wrong. Instead, Lizzo opted for a breakfast order of some pain au chocolat and croissants, two veggie sausages, porridge, caramelised brown sugar grapefruit, berries and an iced coffee. Erm.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with all of these components on their own – hell, we’d even order them together – but it’s what Lizzo did next that caused a stir.

lizzo english breakfast tiktok sausage porridge

Lizzo’s breakfast combo was an odd one (Credit: TikTok/ Lizzo)

Lizzo starts off by adding salt to her porridge (no issues with that).

“If you know, you know,” she says.

Then, she tips the porridge over her sausages before tucking in. Yikes.

“The sausage and porridge is a unique combo….,” said one person.

“Did you just pour porridge on your veg sausage? Noo noo,” added another.

lizzo english breakfast tiktok sausage porridge

No Lizzo, no! (Credit: TikTok/ Lizzo)

“I love this woman but did she just dip sausage in porridge?,” a third chimed in.

As a fourth wrote: “What on earth did you do to that sausage?????”

“Girl that is not what the porridge is for,” someone else teased.

Honestly, however Lizzo chooses to enjoy English food is fine by us, but we won’t be trying this one ourselves.

Petition for her to review British pub grub next…

Featured image: TikTok/ Lizzo