Baker immortalises Andrew’s cringeworthy Love Island quote with hilarious cake

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

Whether you’re an avid Love Island fan or you’ve been trying to avoid the series at all costs, we can assume by now you’ve seen what transpired on the ITV show last week.

The memes have been all over social media and you’ve probably heard your colleagues sniggering about it by the water cooler – but now, it’s even been immortalised on a cake.

To give some context to those who might still not know what we’re on about, contestant Andrew Le Page found out the girl he liked, Tasha Ghouri, may not have been that into him whilst in Casa Amor.

Heartbroken and wounded, he retaliated by getting to know new girl, Coco Lodge. Although, let’s just say, the ‘getting to know each other’ stage went…err… quite well.

We’ll just let the cake do the rest of the talking: 

Yep, we don’t dare say it out loud, but this cake just about sums up what allegedly transpired, and the painful confession that Andrew had to make to a gobsmacked Tasha when he arrived back in the main villa.

Created by Brighton based baker, Cate, who goes by the Twitter username, @Cateinthekitchen, the cake won a huge amount of praise on the app, with over 68,000 people ‘liking’ it when she shared it online.

“Do NOT tell Nigella Lawson I did this to her chocolate guinness cake btw,” she added afterwards.

Whoops, let’s hope Nigella doesn’t read this, ey?

love island andrew le page tasha

The fateful Love Island scene (Credit: ITV)

“I have been laughing at this for 10 mins straight….thank you,” said one person in the comments after they came across Cate’s tweet.

Whilst another wrote: “I wish I could like this tweet more than once.”

“I can’t,” someone else chimed in on Insta, with a crying emoji.

A fourth added: “Getting this made for my birthday”.

This isn’t Cate’s first rodeo when it comes to making Love Island cakes, having also iced Curtis’ ‘make everyone a coffee’ quote from 2019.

Reality TV fans are going to want to follow her for more corkers. Can we petition for an Ekin-Su quote, next?