Err, someone just married a can of Mtn Dew in Las Vegas

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Feeling a little low about the state of your love life? Well, we’ve got news that’ll put things in perspective.

Someone just married a can of Mtn Dew in Las Vegas. Yep, you read that correctly.

Indiana-based Thomas Rank betrothed himself to a can of the fizzy drink earlier this month at the famous Little Vegas Chapel.

You know what they say, anything goes in Vegas, right?

las vegas mtn dew wedding

Yep, this man married a Mtn Dew can (Credit: Mtn Dew/Eric Jamison)

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you there is more to the story than a man simply wanting to marry a can of pop.

The wedding was organised by the folks at Mtn Dew, who put on a competition back in August, looking for a super-fan to tie the knot with their new Hard Mtn Dews.

“I married a can of Hard Mtn Dew because I listened to the radio and heard about the contest, and I realized it had to be me,” Thomas said of his nuptials. “It sounded like a lot of fun.”

Discussing life as a…err… married man, he added: “My life has changed completely. I can say I am the first person ever to marry a can of Hard Mtn Dew, a can in general, and it’s been a big step not only for myself, but all of mankind as well.”

Yup, just like walking on the moon, Thomas has proven that people really can do anything they put their minds to.

Mtn Dew wedding

Feel better about your love life yet? (Credit: Mtn Dew/Eric Jamison)

You might wonder what the real incentive was for the competition winner to take part in the wedding ceremony. Well, as well as a the title of a Mtn Dew spouse, they also got a stay in a Vegas suite for three days, a party at a nightclub to celebrate and a whopping $1,000 (£900) in spending money.

If that wasn’t enough, they threw in a custom wedding ring designed to look like the can’s pull-tab, too.

Of course, we should probably caveat that even in Vegas you can’t legally marry a can of Mtn Dew, but the gesture still counts, right?

Plus, we’re sure it’s made a great addition to Thomas’ Hinge profile…