M&S is now selling pre poached eggs, and it's causing a stir

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Marks and Spencer has introduced ready-poached eggs in stores, and they've certainly got a reaction.

Listen, poaching an egg isn't everyone's skillset... it can be tricky, we get it.

But would you go as far as paying a pound an egg in order to cut out the hassle?

The new 'Perfectly Poached Eggs' landed in M&S recently, and the food blog @NewFoodsUK was quick to share it with their audience.

"2 Perfectly Poached Eggs spotted at M&S!!," they wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

And... well, you can imagine the reaction that ensued.

"If you need to buy this you need serious help," said one person in the comments.

Whilst another wrote: "What in the fresh hell????"

How's your poached egg game? (Credit: Getty)

"Imagine paying £2 for 2 eggs. Come on," said a third.

As a fourth penned: "This is absurd."

For context, you can buy a box of six free range mixed sized eggs for £1.30 on Ocado, so two poached ones for two quid is definitely a tricky sell.

Of course, some people pointed out there are some who can't poach an egg themselves because of disabilities, noting these would be a good solution to them.

But if that's not the case? You do you, but there are other things we'd spend two quid on!

Featured image: Getty/ New Foods UK