People are getting nostalgic about what McDonald’s used to look like in the ’80s

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People have taken to social media to discuss what McDonald’s used to look like in the ’80s – and it’s a far cry from the Maccies we know and love today.

Yep, taking to Reddit, user @RonSwazy published a snapshot of the popular fast food branch from the ‘80s and compared it to a snapshot from a modern branch.

Anyone else kind of jealous?!

mcdonalds in the past 80s pictures

McDonald’s in the 80s is kind of sick (Credit: Reddit)

The photo shows a yellow-themed restaurant with matching booths and stools dotted about the place.

On the side of the image, a large, cartoon (and borderline creepy) tree acts as a statement piece, bringing a colourful and preppy theme to the room.

Oh, and don’t forget the massive mural of Ronald McDonald on the wall (RIP).

We don’t know what branch the original Maccies pictures are from, but we’re kinda wishing we could time travel there right now!

Underneath that picture is another which shows off a more modern Golden Arches with high tech ordering systems and a sleek, minimalist, black and white design – a complete opposite look to the previous one.

mcdonalds in the past 80s pictures

No smiling tree any more… (Credit: Reddit)

Since it was published, the post has garnered a lot of attention online, with many coming together to discuss fond childhood memories at McDonald’s.

“The one I went to had a phone you could pick the receiver up on and ‘talk’ to Ronald McDonald (it was a recording),” started one user.

“When I got older I ended up being a manager there but the phone was nowhere to be found despite all the other old junk in the basement. And now 20-some years after my McD’s management days, the restaurant is completely different again.”

“90s McDonalds with the video game stations by the play place were the absolute peak,” added another while a third recalled: “The 80s was a McFever dream.”

This Reddit user pointed out the shift in themes saying: “Restaurants feel sterile and cold these days, usually smaller and less crowded too.”

Now most branches follow a similar and consistent theme, but while most of them have implemented the brand’s iconic yellow colour, the red seems to have lost its vibrancy and instead, a bulk of it has been replaced with a classic black and white look.

mcdonalds in the past 80s pictures

These days, the Golden Arches have had a makeover  (Credit: Alamy)

Keeping with the nostalgic comments, another user revealed an incredible little fact.

“”I actually just went to a birthday party here in Hong Kong and they still have a private room with the old murals and decorations! Made me so happy and brought back so much nostalgia,” they wrote. 

Anyone for a trip to Hong Kong?!

Another shared a further location where you can see Maccies at it’s finest.

“If any of y’all want to visit a old-school McDonald’s, that will remain retro forever, visit the McDonald’s at the entrance of the Canal Zone in Panama.

“Given that it’s located at what is now a historical site, both the interior and exterior must remain the same as long as the building is a McDonald’s.”

We love to see it!

We’re firmly in the camp that Ronald should return alongside all the quirky decor. If you’re reading this, McDonald’s bigwigs, bring it all back!