People are debating whether they’d eat McDonald’s for Christmas

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Twisted: Unserious food tastes seriously good.

People are speaking out in favour of ditching Christmas dinner altogether after one mum said she was considering serving her kids McDonald’s instead.

Talking on parenting platform, Mumsnet, the parent said she was thinking about taking her family to a ‘drive through McDonald’s and eat it at the beach.’

Each to their own, right?


Would you eat McDonald’s for Christmas? (Credit: Alamy)

She added that she made the decision because she lived abroad, and her family “don’t love [Christmas that much” anyway.

However, she did say they’d have to keep the choice secret from their extended family back home, who would likely be “outraged” at the decision.

Replying to the original poster, there were several people who were very supportive of the choice, and encouraged the mum to stick to her guns.

“Do whatever you want on Christmas day. Why would it be ‘bad’?”, wrote one.

Whilst another penned: “Bugger all to do with anyone else what you do. You fill your boots.”

“Christmas should be whatever you want it to be,” said a third.

As a fourth encouraged: “We’ve had a Chinese takeaway on Christmas day a couple of years and they were very low pressure years that I loved.

christmas dinner

Would you forgo a Christmas roast? (Credit: Alamy)

“We don’t even like turkey so the whole Christmas Dinner isn’t really for us and the rest of it is really just a roast which we do once a week anyway.”

Whilst ditching a Christmas roast might feel like sacrilege to many, it’s actually common in some parts of the world.

In Japan, for instance, it’s estimated that 3.6 million families eat KFC on Christmas eve.

In fact, given that less than one percent of the population identifies as Christian, it’s not surprising that holidays take a less traditional form, and KFC Japan are said to sell 10 times more chicken than normal on December 24th.

Do you know what? We’re not mad at it. There’s more to life than turkey and gravy, folks!